Canara Bank Announces Loan Offers to Overcome the Covid-19

Canara Bank Announces best 3 Loan Offers to Overcome the Covid-19

Canara bank announced three loan schemes last Friday, and it will offer health care credit, personal and business loans to everyone to fight against COVID-19. The CANARA CHIKITSA HEALTHCARE credit facility offers ₹10 Lakh rupees to ₹50 crore rupees as a loan to registered medical centres like hospitals, nursing home etc.


The loan will be offered at its best interest rate with a tenure of 10 years with a moratorium of upto 18 months.

The CANARA JEEVANREKHA HEALTHCARE business loan offers upto two crores at its best interest rate for manufacturing health care products and supply them to registered hospitals and nursing home. The health care products are medical oxygen, oxygen cylinder and oxygen concentrator etc.

Canara bank has mentioned already that they do not charge a processing fee for the loan. These two loans are valid till 31st March 2022.

The 3rd scheme of loan is CANARA SURAKSHA PERSONAL LOAN SCHEME, and the bank offers a personal loan of ₹25000 rupees to ₹5 lakh rupees as immediate funding for Covid-19 treatment during the admission time and or post-discharge. It is valid till 30th September 2021.

Previously RBI has mentioned that ₹50000 crores special funding to banks to invest in Covid healthcare infrastructure. It also helps individuals and small borrowers repay their debts to overcome the economic crisis due to the pandemic.

Bank will provide the service at a repo rate till March 2022.


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