Net Revenue of Karnataka Bank jumps up to 135 Crore

Karnataka Bank took down a net profit of Rs 135.38 crore in the third district of 2020-21 in opposition to the profit of Rs 123.14 crore in the correlation to the profit of Rs 123.14 crore in the year 2019-20 leading to an overall growth percentage of 9.94 percent.

The evolution of proceedings portfolio towards distribution which is up to 5 crore and the mid-collective segment is up to Rs 100 crore has boosted the growth of the Karnataka Bank by 9.75 percent during this district. Though there had been a downfall of around 40 percent in the above 100 crore proceedings depository. Retail and Mid collective segments have been the ones where Karnataka Bank was able to fetch a better relent on their proceedings.

Mahabaleshwara MS, the Managing Director and Ceo of the Bank said that elements such as upheaval of advances proceedings, widening of interest income, and a cut in expenses helped the bank grow during the unprecedented times during the Covid pandemic.

The bank had taken some protective measures such as focusing on the baseline, upheaval of advance proceedings, and the cost reduction measures in the month of March itself. There had been a good recuperation in the technically depreciated accounts registering a recovery of 26.86 crores against 9.43 crore in the period corresponding to the previous fiscal year. 

The Bank has continuously given consistent results even during the most unprecedented times. During Quarter 3 the net interest edge of the bank stood at a high of 3.26 percent and the capital adequacy rate was skyrocketing as high as 13.83 percent during that very quarter. The total expenses had been reduced by around 4.10 percent during that very period and the provision coverage ratio stood at 80.51 percent.  

When asked about the future outlook of the Bank Mahabaleshwara Ms was quite certain of the consistency of results and even performance. The chips of Karnataka Bank closed at an all-time high of Rs 67.70 on the Bombay Stock Exchange that was 5.62 percent above. 


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