The end date for the total settlement of these basic bills to avail the LTC

Those employees who already wish to apply for more benefit of the LTC Special Cash Package Scheme can also submit the bills by May 31. Very fast or soon, the submission of every type of bill or claim about this LTC Scheme was to be settled by ministries and the departments not later than 30th April 2021. Restructuring 2.0 is available,no place for moratorium-RBI.

Also keeping given the situation existing due to this Covid-19 pandemic, the government has now already decided that types of submission of bills claims can be accepted and settled by departments not later than 31st May 2021. 

However, the total payment for the purchases should have been already made not later than the due date. All the clarification regarding the total settlement of bills or claims about LTC very special cash would always help those who are availing many types of benefit of the scheme but are not able to submit the bills on period. Gold loan and other loans you also check these bills.

The government had already introduced the Special Package equivalent. This type of package Scheme instead of one LTC is to compensate and incentivize consumption by the Government Employees and very many benefits can also be availed. 

The total LTC cash voucher scheme circular dated always provides for advance to Government employees instead of LTC fare and the Leave encashment.

This is the basic package is instead of pending LTC for the Block between this 2018-21 and always invoices of the goods and services purchased as per this type of scheme can be in the name of the spouse or any of the family members who are always eligible for LTC Fare. Whenever you apply for the best offer, many types of bills are accepted.

All kinds of basic purchases must have been done from the date of the LTC Cash Voucher.


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