Covid-19 vaccines less effective against Delta variant, says WHO

Covid-19 vaccines proved to be less effective against the new variant

Covid-19 vaccines currently being used are less effective against Delta coronavirus variant and this was detected by India first but the World Health Organisation’s technical head, Maria Van Kerkhove, said on Monday that they still prevent severe disease and death. “There is a recent study that came out in the Lancet, that looked at the reduced titer neutralisation from the alpha, beta, gamma and delta variant. Covid-19 vaccines less effective against Delta variant, says WHO

Not as much as the beta variant, which is the variant that was first detected in South Africa. Having said that these vaccines are still highly effective. They produce enough antibodies to protect against severe disease and death,” Van Kerkhove stated in her press briefing. The WHO expert also added to this that the “constellation of mutations” in the coronavirus variant could also become the reason for vaccines to become ineffective.

Maria Van Kerkhove added that there may come a time when we might have a constellation of mutations that might arise in the variant where the vaccines currently used might actually lose their potency and that can be severe but that is the only thing which we need to prevent from happening and be prepared.


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