DCB Bank reflects pain of small businesses but valuation still attractive

There are different types of opportunities where the financial sector is making progress and helping the various sectors, and making them fulfil financial needs during this pandemic time. On the other side of the coin, if there is any kind of opportunity, the department of the loans and advances of the institutions are doing great work.

The business analyst expert panels have gone through the records and the performance of the DCB bank. They have shown the concern that whatever is happening, they should remain prepared for the sake of any kind of surprise which may come during this time of the pandemic. Analysts show the concern that there would be the lenders who will see the disproportionate effect on the asset quality as the home loan, gold loan, and the services have affected certain things. 

It is said that there is a lousy asset quality in the first quarter, which will get affected due to the awful profile of the borrowers. The interest rates of the gold loan, home loan interest rates and the related factors like inflation,  global market conditions and many more.Home loan

It has also introduced the staffs’ safety to collect the docu, moments related to the loans or other verification related things like that of the home loan documents, etc. The items are being done based on the online mode and doing the staff work with the contactless as much as possible.

One more concern has been made that the provision of the DCB bank doesn’t give concern of does not provide coverage for the additional risks ahead, which is also a matter of concern. There are many reason foir which there has been made in the home loan eligibility or the eligibility of the other services to help the people.



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