Governor of West Bengal, Mr. Jagdeeo Dhankhar asks “Can I be sitting at Raj Bhavan at a time when Bengal is on fire?”

Governor of West Bengal, Mr Jagdeeo Dhankhar asks if he could be sitting at Raj Bhavan at times when Bengal is on fire

Governor Jagdeeo Dhankhar, the governor of West Bengal, answers questions over if he is overstepping the boundaries as a governor. 

In his defence, he has said that he is guided by the Constitution and due to the terrific situation of Bengal, he has to behave the way he does. 

He was asked questions by National Bureau Chief, Mr Ravish Tiwari (Also political editor). Governor of West Bengal, Mr. Jagdeeo Dhankhar asks "Can I be sitting at Raj Bhavan at a time when Bengal is on fire?"

He said, according to the constitution l, a governor is required to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, to serve the people of the state. My concern is that any government must behave in accordance with the Constitution. 

He said on 17 way when the Chief Minister backed the 4 accused and went to the chief minister, held a 6 hours cabinet meeting for them, shows how the CM is intervening in the areas a CM shouldn’t. 

The furious violence at the time of poll results was not discussed in any cabinet meeting or at any other instance. Steps to control it were also not taken. When I questioned her, all I received was silence. 

 The government is too quick to fake everything he said, even the violence that took place. We are in a state where constitutional prescriptions are not taken into consideration by any government. 

The media is also silent which makes the situation grim and the democracy is slipping day by day. I see videos every now and then of people speaking on loudspeakers that it was a mistake to vote for the opposition. 

There is a lot of bias towards one sect here. If you are from that sect, you can only live as a tenant here, you can only run a business by paying extortion fees. 

When something drastically life-changing for the people happens, I ask questions and I get no response. For example, when 2000 rupees were directed towa5the Pandemic purchase, I asked for the report but I’ve been waiting for 14 months now, still haven’t received it. The government doesn’t take accountability for its actions which is the first requirement in a democracy.

Issues of 356 are never to be discussed, not even debated or deliberated on a public platform. I don’t believe in confrontation. It might appear that I believe in confrontation. If the CM has made a suggestion, and I have a different point of view, I would have gone with her point of view. But there are a few certain things that are non-negotiable, especially when the spirit of the constitution is outraged.


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