How Covid-19 changes cash habits: People withdraw more from ATMs, but make Digital Payments

According to the Bajaj groups, it has been claimed that there is an increase in the payment structure through the form of the aadhaar ATM after the increased adoption in the rural, semi-urban, town and other types of the first tiers of the township level. This has not only; helped the customers but also have helped the staffs to be in safe mode, especially during the second wave of the coronavirus, which is still going on.

The other manually ways are either being stopped or reduced by the ordinary people themselves just to be safe. In case of the services like that of the home loan, gold loan and the other types of loans.

In the case of the home loan interest rate, gold loan, and the other types of loans, there have been massive changes and the implementation of the policies and rules to ease the customers. The interest of the along with the customers is being gone through the ATM transfers, and every necessary step that can be done to meet the purpose are allowed.

In terms of the last time, people are withdrawing more through the ATM as it is one of the more convenient and as well as the best way during the time of the medical emergencies especially during this too, me or for the other basic necessary things as well on the other side the secretary of the finance ministry have shown some concern over the Kerala conditions and also added to have the safety of the employees of the finance sector. There should be no submission of the home loan documents or the gold loan, car loan document, but online to make it happen through the process.

In case of the eligibilities like that of the car loan, gold loan, home loan eligibilities in terms of the income source, age many things ahs been relaxed so that nobody should be kept away from the essential services. The range of withdrawal of Rs 3000- Rs 5000 have increased 20% this year.


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