IDFC, the first bank to make home loans 40% of the total portfolio

After establishing stability, the deposits side of the business, and the private lender IDFC First Bank have expressed their intentions to become extremely aggressive with their home loans to try and make it up to 40% of their total loan portfolio during the long run.

This bank is known to be having liabilities with a low-cost Current Account and Savings account with a share of over 51% and is ready to effectively take part in the prime home loan market. They would also provide prime home loans to the top corporate companies now.

The Managing Director and Chief executive of IDFC First Bank, V Vaidyanathan, said that “We like this business and could turn it into 40 per cent of the bank book in the longer run”. However, he did not provide a specific timeline as to when they would reach the 40% level.

The bank has already begun to offer prime home loans to the employees and other members of staff of the top corporate companies, starting at the rate of 6.9%.

IDFC First bank has had the advantage of being able to offer a lower rate of 6.9% because of the sharp rise in the share of the low-cost deposits. IDFC First Bank Savings Account

The CASA had begun to rise and was at a rate of 51.75% as of March 31, 2021, from the initial 31.87% on March 31, 2020. It has drastically reduced the interest rates of savings accounts to 4% for the deposits that are below Rs. 1 lakh and had a peak rate of 5% from May 1, 2021, because of the surplus in liquidity.

The bank’s home loan book has risen by 37% to Rs. 10,613 crore in March 2021 FY21 from Rs. 7,736 crore in March 2020. The total funded assets had risen by 9% to Rs. 1,17,127 crore as of March 2021.

According to the data provided by the RBI, the home loan portfolio of this commercial bank has risen by 9.1% to Ra. 14.59 trillion in FY21. When compared to the previous financial year (FY20), the housing loan book has shown a rapid expansion at a higher rate of 15.4% to Rs. 13.37 trillion.

The loan is given against the properties and business working capital, keeping the property as collateral would also continue to contribute to the mortgage loan portfolio. The addressable home loan market is huge in size, with Rs. 25 trillion, and property-backed loans, which including business banking which could be another Rs. 25 trillion.

As for the actual business growth is concerned in FY22, Vaidyanathan has stated that most of it would depend on how the second wave of Covid-19 turns out. If there is a solution to that as soon as possible then the bank would be able to grow rapidly in the second half of the current situation.

Whilst we still try to remain the focus, the bank is consistently building its corporate book simultaneously in a measurable manner. Vaidyanathan added that the bank would however not be growing in infrastructure financing space.


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