Mahindra Group MD speaks about tackling the pandemic

Mahindra Group about the pandemic situation

“New-normal” was the word that found popular usage across the globe as this pandemic showered its wrath upon us. But at Mahindra Group, adapting to this “new normal” became a smooth process due to the humanitarian touch that Mahindra works with.

Rapid-action teams were deployed at a multi-level basis across the various businesses of Mahindra ensuring the safety of the associates. In May, while close to 200,000 employees had adapted to the work from home culture, factory operations resumed under the new government protocols, keeping in mind the strict protocols.  Mahindra Group MD speaks about tackling the pandemic

During these testing times, Mahindra made sure that their employees were not left behind, considering their physical and mental well-being, various programmes were arranged. Financial aid was given, and Upskilling programmes, quarantine centres, and even vaccination drives recently were set up.

Alternative thinking was implemented to create solutions for problems faced by the poorest of the nation during these times, other than financial aids and donations. PPE kits, masks, shields, and other such safety equipment were produced within the company’s manufacturing plant and were donated to local healthcare centres.

Oxygen concentrators saw a surge in demand during the second wave, which was also provided by us. Tech Mahindra’s Nursing Academy students were of great help. Healthcare was one such investment we made that bore fruits.

As COVID-19 bought with it various challenges, it also made us, in a way, quite efficient. The use of on the feet thinking, agility and resilience were developed in a much better way during this period. Even after such a deadly situation, our Group’s operating net profit increased by 36%, and our progress in cash flow generation in fiscal 2021 was abundant.

As we try to cope with this situation, we always will stand by our motto of keeping people and purpose first.


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