New guaranteed loan scheme to support healthcare infra in smaller cities: Crisil

CRISIL to provide a new guaranteed loan scheme to support healthcare infra in smaller cities

As we all know, the present world is going through a terrible phase since last year. After the pandemic outbreak, there are few things that have been badly affected to some of the sectors like the restaurant industry, tourism and sports industry, airlines, and the aviation industry.

During this time, there have been some decisions by the company called CRISIL. In this decision, the small towns and cities typically left out from most facilities have already been included to provide financial and credit schemes for building up the medical order healthcare infrastructure. The emergency credit line guarantee scheme of the government is generally launched for this pandemic to provide financial assistance for the needy is supported by CRISIL.New guaranteed loan scheme to support healthcare infra in smaller cities: Crisil

This has been done by CRISIL in order to boost the medical facilities available in the small cities in the towns, especially for the availability of oxygen in the hospitals and for the emergency medical uses for the ordinary people under this time of credit facilities that any rate will be a little bit higher as compared to be provided like that of before for the micro and small scale enterprises as well.

The industries that have got a big blow and heat due to the pandemic will be provided more than 2.5 times of financial help compared to 1.5 times for the entire corporate industry. The small scale enterprises and the small financing companies with the services like that of gold loan, car loan etc. which has also thought of managing by the government

The aviation industry has been primarily affected as people were not allowed to travel to reduce the infection among different countries. The government is trying to look after this industry as it has been affected when people wear restricted clothing and reduce the disease by not travelling in crowds in two different countries.


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