Personal finance: Don’t slip on your credit score

One of the overseen personal finance out-turns of the coronavirus pandemic that has caused a vast disturbance in the economy and has left many out jobs have effected it on the credit score of those who are struggling to repay off their debts, bills, medical expenses, loan,  this doesn’t have to be a long-lasting condition to be worried about. With a handful of smart financial decisions, it is possible to reconstruct a good credit profile even during a pandemic. Credit scores between 580 and 669 are reckon fair. A low or poor credit score can lead to credit card rejection, loan availability at a high-interest rate, increased premiums on insurance policies, etc. It’s a question of turning your financial appearance, especially during times of misery, where we may be tempted to make various choices. 

Hierarchize debt repayment

Non-payment or late repayment can have an injuring effect on your credit score. Non-payment of EMIs would not just affect one’s credit score, but also hurt their power to borrow in the medium term.” What it means is that even after income levels are stored again, consumers may not be able to fulfil crucial life goals simply because they are not eligible to avail of a loan.

Get rid of credit card debt

High balances and late payments on accounts of a credit card can affect your credit score and you might face setbacks when you need to apply for a loan.” By using a credit card for cash involves withdrawing the money from the ATM to using the credit card. However, you can withdraw cash up to the limit of your card. However, the interest charges are much higher than on a loan that generates interest charges not more than 10 per cent every year.

The balance between secured and unsecured loans

Many of us select for personal loans and loans against credit card limits, which are unsecured loans. By contrast, secured loans have loans against property, car loans, etc. Secured loans are those that are supported with collateral. You must ensure to balance a credit mix of secured and unsecured loans to keep your credit score healthy.

The pressing needs for money give rise to many people to get information about loans and credit cards. While these may help to secure their money, it is advisable to apply for a loan or credit card only when in urgent need.


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