The share price of Yes Bank takes a jump of 4% after a 4-day fall

YES Bank shares rose above 4 percent in Thursday’s session, which ranks among the world’s largest bank securities on both the BSE and the NSE. Changing the situation four days after the consecutive collapse, the stock price of YES Bank opened at its beginning to close at Rs 15.90 and increased by 4.4 percent to a maximum of Rs 16.60. During the volatility, the stock also plummeted in the low days of Rs 15.65.

YES Bank stocks sell more than 100-day moving averages but less than 5, 20, 50, and 200-day moving averages. Shares of private lenders fell by one percent in one week, 8 percent a month. For the year to date, stocks have dropped by 9 percent and 53 percent in one year.

The interest rate on the lending market has increased to Rs 40,463.67 crore. The stock affected 52 weeks high of Rs 87.95 and 52 weeks low of Rs 5.55. In terms of brokerage views, Emkay Research has issued a ‘Sell’ rate on the stock and set a fixed amount of Rs 11 in the allocation, given lower return rates and an undesirable reward rating for higher ratings.

We believe that transferring NPAs to a different ARC (similar to the IDBI in 2003) may mean window dressing the bank’s standalone B/sheet, but we need to see hair size, ARC structure, and ARC recovery record, which is not encouraging if possible IDBI SASF, Emkay Research said in its report. Private Securities states in a recent article that YES Bank’s quarterly earnings in December raised fears in its asset quality issues and provided a ‘Hold’ rate in stock at a revised price of Rs 16.

Portfolio risk is seen from, high unemployment rates or NPLs (from 1.5 percent to 5 percent), SMA-2 pool (from 2.4 percent to 4 percent), SMA- 1 (from 1.6 per 7.3 percent), and further reconstruction outside the lake by 3.2 percent more and more of the label-labeled property that does not perform 22 percent, added.

Geojit trading house, along with BNP Paribas, have a ‘Sell’ stock rate and have reduced its TP. Nirmal Bang continues to maintain a bad bank environment. Elara Capital also recommends a ‘Sell’ rate to YES Bank at a fixed price of Rs 6. Similarly, Anand Rathi reduced the bank’s rate to ‘Sell’ by the target of Rs 14.


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