This Bank of Baroda also answers all the customers’ queries related to the Vijaya Bank as well as Dena Bank integration

This Bank of Baroda has also completed the integration of some of the branches of Vijaya Bank as well as this Dena Bank. With very good effect from April 1, 2019, the Vijaya Bank, as well as Dena Bank, was also merged with the Bank of Baroda.

Across India, all the customers will now have very good access to a total of domestic branches as well as all the ATMs. This good Bank of Baroda, on this very official website, has already answered some of the customers’ every kind of query regarding the amalgamation.

All the customers’ account numbers will also change on the Data Migration of the customer’s branch. Very suitable communication regarding the change in the account number will be done before all the customer’s branch migration. 

All the customers can also get every kind of information from this bank’s Contact Centre. On a registered mobile number with this bank, every customer shall also very simply receive an SMS.

All customer Identification numbers will also change. All the customers’ accounts will be linked to the allotted customer number.

All these kinds of internet banking facilities are also available on the Bank of Baroda’s website. All account-holders will also need to download as well as install Bank of Baroda’s app called M-Connect Plus to very simply avail of mobile banking all the services.

For all the customers of this Vijaya Bank as well as Dena Bank, account numbers, as well as Customer Identification Numbers, will also change after data migration. Most suitable communication regarding every kind of change in the account numbers will be done whenever your branch migration. 

You can always get this kind of information from our contact centre. You shall very simply receive an SMS on your registered mobile number with this bank. All the branches of Vijaya Bank, as well as Dena Bank, have now become the BoB branches. 


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