What happens to any bank accounts with negative balances?

Most of the borrowers, who are unable to repay any kind of loans because of the financial crunch, have seen all the bank account balances turn also negative. Many of the lenders are regularly sending auto these kinds of debit requests to bank accounts of the borrowers who are in financial hardship yet are unable to repay.

Whenever requests bounce because of the insufficient balances, most of the banks levy a charge. Typically, all the penalty is incredibly lower within the public sector banks moreover as very higher privately sector banks. for several of the borrowers who are unable to repay any sort of loan, such charges are mounting additionally as their balances have turned also negative.

Due to the negative balances, many of the borrowers have also stopped using their bank accounts. Such styles of accounts might not be termed as inactive or dormant after some year like this usually happens. in line with the Reserve Bank of India’s regulations, for the account to be termed inactive or the Dorman.

There mustn’t be any sorts of debit or credit transactions. If there’s a mandate attached to such styles of accounts, banks need to act to support all their internal policies. This sort of regulator has also asked banks to try and do an annual review of the accounts within which there are not any sorts of operations.

That is debit as well as therefore total credit transactions induced at the instance of all types of purchasers moreover as third parties should be considered. With this type of negative balance, many people avoid banks.

If there are not any quiet transactions within the checking account for a few months, most of the banks must treat them as inoperative or dormant. But most of the banks term the account as inactive if there’s no any form of transaction for the months.


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