Yes Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Personal Loan EMI (or equated monthly installment) is a set sum of money charged to Yes Bank by you against the loan taken for your loan repayment and the bank’s interest charge. It is due every month on a fixed day of the month before the loan is completely repaid.

Yes, Bank offers affordable and convenient personal loans with EMI loans as low as 2.147 per lakh for a term of 60 months and the lowest interest rate at 10.45 percent.

Yes Bank Personal Loan EMI calculator is a simple and accurate method that allows the borrower to evaluate the loan repayment plan. In addition, the Yes Bank Personal Loan EMI calculator allows first-time borrowers to ensure whether or not they can opt for a loan.

Each EMI contains an interest payment and principal repayment portion. Even as EMIs remain unchanged, there is a variation in the proportion of interest and principal repaid per month. For each EMI charge, the share of EMI’s principal repayment continues to increase and the interest portion continues to decrease.

  • Loan amount – this is the amount you borrowed from Yes Bank. If you apply for a higher amount of the loan, your monthly EMI will be high. Yeah, the bank offers a minimum loan of 2 Lakh, which can be up to a limit of 20 Lakh.
  • Interest rate-The higher interest rate raises both the EMI loan and the overall cost of the loan. Yes, bank personal loan interest rates for wage account holders may be smaller than their quotation costs, which may decrease the average expense of the loan and the EMI. Yes, the Bank’s lowest interest rate is 10.45 percent. However, it is best to complete a market analysis and compare rates online before applying for a loan.
  • Loan tenure- In Yes Bank, this is the period in which you will repay the loan. Longer loan tenure means lower personal loan to EMI. Generally speaking, Yes Bank proposes a loan for a limited term of 5 years.

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