Railway Budget 2015-2016 Live Updates

Awareness of the 2015-2016 Railway BudgetRailway Budget

12:00: Suresh Prabhu walks into the room of Lok Sabha

12:10: Railway investment would improve the country’s economy.

12:15: Environmental protection is the priority of the budget and will offer jobs.

12: 16: There are no station repair plates available and the railway needs a re-birth. We have to make “Bhartiya Rail” the backbone of the nation where we are very poor and will do it with good governance.

12:18: Investments and essential services are required.

12:19: 4 The goals are:

  • The Protected Railroad
  • Bhartiya Rail Capability Expand
  • Nice Customer Care
  • Swachh Rail Swachh Bharat in India and Render

6 main areas of thrust:

  1. Support to the consumer:
  • 8.5 lakh crore investment in 5 years to come
  • There will be no rise in passenger fares.
  • Railway standardization provides greater accountability, it will help the common man.
  • Cleanliness (Engaging Specialist Agencies) and Swachh Rail’s active Swachh Bharat.
  • Toilet facilities (600 stations will construct new toilets, replacing the current 17000 with bio-toilets, Vaccum toilets).
  • Prabhu demands, “Please keep healthy railways, it’s a home journey.”
  • The complaint helpline no. 138 will be available 24×7 so that even when traveling, people can complain.
  • A mobile grievances framework will also be launched on 1/3/2015.
  • The security concerns will be solved by toll-free number 182.
  • For unreserved groups, ticket vending machines will be added.
  • SMS warning service at the destination (arrival and departure).
  • In designated coaches and suburban groups, video cameras will be mounted.
  • Mobile telephone charging service for general coaches.
  • As part of the Digital India Programme, WiFi is available on A1, A, and B group accumulation 400 stations.
  • Online registration for senior citizens’ wheelchair users.
  • The number of assistants, more general assistants, and ladders to be substituted, will be increased from 24 to 26 coaches.
  • Advance booking duration of 120 days.
  1. Standardize Ferrocarriles
  • 9400 km will be linked by railway with 77 works and an expenditure of 886 Cr.
  • Coaches handling merchandise will lift
  • Invitation to join investments for private use
  • Fatalities and mishaps will be monitored and concentrated on.
  • Speedier Railway- 9 high-speed, high-speed rail corridors.
  • Speed will be increased, so the Delhi-Kolkata trip can now be completed overnight: Prabhu
  1. Digital Ferrocarriles
  • Digital computers would replace analog computers.
  • Technology platform to invite creative ideas for technology
  • 4 In selected cities, railway research centers will be established
  • Partnership for Evolution
  • The Minister of Coal, the Minister of Oil and Gas, gave an incredible 1000 crores.
  • Service 5 minutes: In 5 minutes, e-tickets will be available.
  1. Control and Processes Development
  • More Openness and Working Online.
  • With the metamorphosis of railways, GDP will expand
  • In 2015-16, 5798 crores to 1 lac crores in
  • Our assets will be monetized rather than sold.
  1. Sustainability and Electricity
  • A task will be set up for water management, water harvesting, and water recycling.
  • Important savings of 3000 Cr in the next 3 years.
  • Solar energy and CNG can be used by Green Railways.
  1. For Amazing India, Amazing Rail
  • The Indian railway should work to increase tourism by rail. By linking major vacation spots, tourism can be encouraged.
  • On Kisaan Yatra, ICTC will work to improve farming techniques.


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