What is GSTIN?

Goods and Services Tax Identification Number or GSTIN is a 15-digit alphanumeric given to every person who givesGSTIN the GST rate tax and is allotted after completing the GST registration. This GST number is given to the taxpayer, coupled with the GST registration certificate. The GSTIN number functions the same way, like the TIN allotted for VAT payment or the value-added tax.

GST Number Format

GST number format is stored in an alphanumeric form. It can be disintegrated as follows:

  • The first 2 digits of the GST code are numeric and represent how the concerned business is operated.
  • The next 10 digits from the third to twelfth digits of the GST number represent the GST paying individual or entity’s detail, and thus is the PAN number of the entity.
  • Further, the 13th character indicates the frequency of the registration done by the person. As per the regulations, a total of up to 35 registrations are permitted per person. For the first 9 registrations, the code is distributed in numbers from 1 to 9; after the 10th registration, the code is allotted from the letter A.
  • The 14th digit is kept Z by default in every case.
  • Lastly, the 15th digit is the check number, allotted in digits or alphabets.

GST Number Search

The GST number search is an online device available on the Government of India’s official GST portal. Through this portal, one can gain access to the GSTIN free of cost.

GST Number Search through PAN

  • Visit the official website of GST by the Government.
  • On the home page, click the ‘Search Taxpayer’ option. 
  • Now, select the ‘Search by PAN’ option.
  • After clicking, the site leads you to a new page, wherein you are requested to enter your PAN and the displayed captcha code.
  • After filling in the details properly, select the ‘Search’ option to get your GSTIN number.

GST Number Search through Name

  • Search for an online GST search tool by name.
  • On the portal, type the company’s name, the unit, or the employee for which you need the GST number.
  • To proceed further, enter the state code or state name to look out for the business unit’s registration inside the state.
  • Select the ‘Search’ icon to get your GSTIN number generated.

GST Number Online Verification

GST validation is required for all GST payers. This allows the taxpayer to double-check the validity of other business units and the importance of one’s own. GST online verification is a free and dependable tool that provides accurate results in a short period of time.

Advantages of GSTIN Verification Tool

The GSTIN verification device provides numerous benefits, as given below:

  • Verifying the GST number helps you discover a business unit’s authenticity that one is dealing with.
  • It helps validate the hand-written receipts.
  • In situations where numerous fraud trade units try to manipulate the GST number, validating GST numbers online can help one check the reliability of a business’ location.
  • Also, GST number validation serves you to check whether one’s trade unit’s information has been modified exactly on the GST portal or not.

How to use GSTIN Search & Verification tool?

You can access the GSTIN search and verifying the device online on the official GST gateway. You can do it by following these steps:

  • Visit the official GST website.
  • Locate the ‘Search Taxpayer’ choice on the home page.
  • After that, click the ‘Search GSTIN/UIN’ button.
  • To continue, enter the required information, such as the GSTIN/UIN number and the captcha code.
  • After that, choose the ‘Search’ choice to locate the GST number.

You can verify various details such as the name of the corporation, its date of incorporation, the state of business activity, GSTIN and UIN status, the type of GST taxpayer, and the type of business entity such as a partnership, sole-proprietorship, or company name by filling in the exact details.

How to Apply for GST Number?

You can apply for a GST number by visiting the official GST portal and following the steps as mentioned below:

  • On the GST portal’s homepage, look out for the option ‘Services’ and click on it.
  • After this, select the ‘Registration’ option and from the drop-down, click on ‘New registration.’
  • On the new registration form, fill in the necessary information like the name, state, district, name of the trade unit, mobile number, email address, captcha code, and PAN number.
  • After entering the details, click on ‘proceed.’
  • When you click on proceed, you will be redirected to the next tab, where you must enter the OTP obtained via email and smartphone.
  • Join the OTP within ten minutes, as it will expire after that.
  • When you enter the OTP successfully, the screen will show a TRN or Temporary reference number. Make a note of the TRN number for future use.
  • Return to the home page and click on the ‘services’ choice once more, followed by ‘registration.’
  • Additionally, click on ‘New registration number’ and select the ‘Temporary reference number’ choice.
  • Input the OTP, the TRN, the captcha code, and the latest OTP.
  • After precisely entering the data, the site will now guide you to the ‘My Saved Application’ tab. You will find a form here that must be completed over the next fifteen days.
  • Fill in the blanks with the required information and attest with scanned copies of the bank account number, proof of business life, IFSC code, and PAN number, among other things.
  • Continue by completing the enrollment form and clicking ‘Save and Continue.’ Add proof of business on the Business and Promoters/Partners tabs as well.
  • Under the ‘Authorized Signatory’ clause, have the form attested by an authorized signatory. You may do this with an e-signature or by DSC. You will use the same waffle to sign your signature digitally.
  • When you fill out the form, you will be given an Application Reference Number (ARN) and an email. This will make it easier for you to sign your application.
  • If the form has been successfully submitted, you will be given a GST number once approved by a GST officer.
  • The portal will inform you of the same email and mobile number upon accepting the form and allocation of the GST number.
  • Along with this, you will be given a temporary password and username that you will use to log in.
  • The password can then be reset by selecting ‘First-time login.’
  • The GST registration certificate can then be downloaded from the ‘Services’ tab within 3-5 days by selecting ‘User Service’ and then ‘View on Download Certificates.’

What is the necessity of verifying GST Numbers?

The GST number must be recorded to distinguish between genuine and impostor business dealers. If the GST confirmation is not completed, funds used in commercial transactions end up in the hands of corrupt individuals. As a result, skipping GST verification can result in a waste of funds, which is detrimental to the country’s development.

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FAQs about GSTIN

How do I find my GST number?

You can find your GST number by visiting the official GST portal under the section ‘Search taxpayer’. In addition to that, GST number search by name is also possible using online GST search trackers.

What is a GST number?

A GST number is a fifteen-digit alphanumeric number allotted to GST taxpayers, whether individuals or business entities.

How many days do I get a GST number?

You can get a GST number within 3-5 days of completing the registration and application process for the GSTIN number.

What is GSTIN?

GSTIN stands for Goods and services tax identification number. The GST no. is allotted to GST payers, similar to how the TIN was allotted for VAT.

How to get GSTIN?

You can get your GSTIN by either name or PAN details. For getting GST numbers by name, you can use the online GST number search by name applications, and for getting GST no. by PAN, you can visit the GST official portal.

What does GSTIN contain?

GSTIN is an alphanumeric number in fifteen digits. Here, the first two digits are the state code; the next ten digits are the PAN number of the GST payer; the thirteenth number is the frequency of registration, the fourteenth number is the letter Z default, and the last digit is the check code.

How do I get a GSTIN number?

You can get a GST number using the name of the entity paying GST or the PAN details. However, to get a GST number search by name, you need to mention the state code.

How do I search by GSTIN by name?

To search the GSTIN by name, you can check it to any online GST search by name application tracker. However, to search GSTIN by name, it is important to mention the state of operation for the taxpaying entity.

How can I check my GST details?

You can check your GST details by visiting the online GST portal of the Government of India. Here, GST details can be checked under the head ‘Search Taxpayer’ by clicking on ‘Search by GSTIN/UIN.’

What does the GSTIN number look like?

GSTIN number is an alphanumeric number in fifteen digits. The first two digits in the format are the state code; the next ten digits are the PAN number of the GST payer, the thirteenth number is the frequency of registration made by the taxpayer, the fourteenth number is the letter Z set by default, and the last digit is the check code.