CIA: 11 rope shovels purchased from Russia for around 1462 rupees

CIA announces about the 11 rope shovels purchased from Russia

The Coal India Limited or CIA declared on Monday that it has entered into a contract with Russia for the import of 11Russian rope shovels for around 1462 crores.  CIA: 11 rope shovels purchased from Russia for around 1462 rupees

Electric rope shovels are very important when it comes to open cast mines for loading material. CIA is getting new Heavy Earthmoving machinery since the old ones are ageing and also are outdated.

The rope shovels are being purchased from Iz-Kartex named company that is Russia based and manufactured shovels.  They bagged the bud in the Global Competitive tender which also involved reverse auction.

This equipment’s average life is eight years. In the process of rebuilding their mining equipment, this is the first major investment Coal India Limited has done. 

By September 2023, all the rope shovels would be delivered in India. Three of the eleven rope shovels would be put to use in Nihari, Jayant and Dudhichua. There are nine rope shovels already functional with CIA, this acquisition would bring the number up to 20.

Each machine is priced around 133 crores including the landed value of the machine, spare parts and consumables.

The first machine would land in June 2023 and then every 45 days, one machine would arrive. As per the contract, all the machines would reach the country by September 2023.


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