Yes Bank is back on track as it bounces back from the economic blows

The Banks have been reporting profits and it seems that the banks have been slowly recovering. A net profit of Rs 129 crore had been reported on Friday by the Yes Bank. The quarter previous quarter had ended on a loss of Rs 600 crore, which had been quite an unpleasant scenario. However, since then the profits rose 2.8 times. This was also possible due to the lowering of operational expenses. NPA

The decline of 16.9% in NPA (Non-performing assets helped in the improvisation of overall quality. In the quarter starting from June, NPA fell to 4.7% than 4.9%. The bank had already made provisions for bad loans, and that declined to 11.1% (year-to-year). However, the provisions rose in quarter-quarter 9.3%. YES Bank

There were provisions made for all kinds of slippages, any reversal of accounts, restructuring of loans, these provisions mounted up to Rs 1,900 crores for Covid-19. Due to the on-going debate on Supreme Court, over loans, a total of Rs 2,391 crore have not been classified into NPA (non-performing assets).  

The Yes Bank is a private lender, has observed that most of the loans are from corporate accounts. The retail and small scale businesses barely contribute much to them. The further estimates shall depend on the Supreme Court’s decision.

In March, of this year, Yes Bank was on the edge of collapsing. However, due to RBI’s schemes and provisions, it gained a firm ground, later in the next quarter. Yes Bank is also thinking of how to reduce costs, NPA for which they have engaged in global consultive terms. SBI purchased the banks 49% of equity at its edge of collapse thus, cushioning the bank to do well in the quarter of September.

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