BBMP property tax – pay online house tax in Bangalore 

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BBMP stands for the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palika (BBMP) for calculating the property tax through an authentic and secure property tax calculator. The components based on the unit area value (UAV) are the property’s situation, regulation of the property, private, commercial, unoccupied land, and demanded returns. 

What is BBMP property tax?

bbmp property tax

The people of Bangalore who all are residing have to pay the property tax to the BBMPi.e.Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palika.BBMP is used to collect funds related to public parks, roads, sewage systems, and education institutions. For the residential and commercial property owners, the amount will change from one location to another one.

Property tax for the residential properties

The residential properties of the RCC and the classification s based on the six zones and the Per sq. Ft.





₹ 5.00 (Per Sq. Ft)

₹ 2.50(Per Sq. Ft)


₹ 4.00(Per Sq. Ft)

₹ 2.00(Per Sq. Ft)


₹ 3.60(Per Sq. Ft)

₹ 1.80(Per Sq. Ft)


₹ 3.20(Per Sq. Ft)

₹ 1.60(Per Sq. Ft)


₹ 2.40(Per Sq. Ft)

₹ 1.20(Per Sq. Ft)


₹ 2.00(Per Sq. Ft)

₹ 1.00(Per Sq. Ft)

The BBMP tax measures 

Here are the measures for payment of the BBMP Property Tax. The payment method will be online and offline mode as the payment is as per the handiness of the people who are paying the payment. The following is the procedure for the payment. 

The property tax online 

The property tax online will start with the municipal corporation’s official website. Then you must enter the base application number or the PID old or new one. After that, the tax details will be going to be there, and they will retrieve them. After checking the amount, try to select the online payment method if it is credit/ debit card / net banking. After all the procedures simple, the receipt of the payment will pop up. And if you can keep the receipt as the need for a future reference. 

The property tax offline 

To the offline method, you have to visit the nearest property tax collection authorized one. Or the Bangalore one center or the ARO office. You have to collect the property tax form from the office to which you will be going. After that, you have to fill in the essential details of yourself, and then you have to submit it. Apart from submitting to the office, the authorized banks will also accept the BBMP property tax. Many authorized banks are submitting the, including the IndusInd bank, Yes bank, Canada bank, and many others who will accept most probably all the private banks used to accept the form. 

Payment of BBMP property tax 

There are factors including the due date, rebate, and the exemption. The due date by the government has been updated due to the covid 19 pandemic. The BBMP can be done on an instalment basis for the ongoing year. If someone pays on one go, they can get the exemption of 5% on the property tax. The ex-serviceman or the deceased ex-serviceman’s family under the act of KMC Act 1976 section 110 under subsection 1(A) can have the concession of up to 50 % of the property tax. If someone puts their property on rent or for some other purpose, they cant avail of the exemption.


Is it possible to pay property tax in Bangalore?

Yeah, you can pay your property tax through Bangalore One, but you can only pay by check. Bangalore One should be written on the check.

✅ How much does the Bangalore property tax cost?

Bangalore’s property tax is determined by multiplying its square footage by the tax rate per square foot.

✅ In Bangalore, how do I pay my property tax online?

Fill out your property tax return by logging into your account on the official BBMP property tax website. After completing the form, pick online as your payment method and pay your Bangalore property tax.

✅ What is the BBMP property tax due date?

The BBMP property tax is due on April 30. If you pay your tax bill before the deadline, you will receive a 5% refund.

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