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Car Loan TipsEveryone wishes to buy their dream car but one of the major obstacles that come up is the financial backing for it. Here are some important Car Loan Tips which will ease the process of choosing as well as applying for a loan are:

1. Budget Analysis
  • For an offer that is appropriate to you and is within your limits, analysis of your budget is a must.
  • You can do so by making a detailed list of your income and expenses considering the lifestyle that you wish to maintain.
  • The budget analysis will help you evaluate your financial position and enable you to make the decision most suitable for you.
2. Cost Analysis of Car
  • After making the budget, you need to do detailed market research on the various prices of the car that you wish to buy.
  • Keep in mind that the total expense will exceed beyond just the car price.
  • Additional expenses such as fuel expenditure, cost of maintenance, insurance cover will add up the total expense. But the additional expense must not exceed 20% of your total budget.
3. Check your Credit Score
  • One of the most important aspects of the approval of a car loan is your credit score.
  • If you have repaid all your previous loans on time to the lenders without any due debts left, banks will consider sanctioning the loan.
  • If your credit history is faulty with delayed payments, due debts, and any signs of instability in income, then you may face difficulties for applying for a loan.
  • Based on your profile as well as credit score, Car Loan Interest Rate is decided by the banks.
4. Compare New vs. Used Cars
  • Picking between purchasing a new or an old car will affect the amount of loan.
  • A new car is more expensive than an old car. Although the depreciating value of the new car will be greater.
  • However, the additional cost in a new car may be justified due to the presence of the latest features and safety concerns as well.
There are multiple pros and cons of selecting a new or used car. You need to select the option which is viable and most suited to you.

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