Car Insurance Scams

What is car insurance?

This type of insurance provides cover for loss or damage to any vehicle like a car. This insurance helps mitigate monetary harm due to accidents causing damage to the vehicles.

Car Insurance Scams – How to Avoid These

Accidents happened suddenly we can’t predict them. There is nothing worse than being involved in an accident. Your vehicle is destroyed you have been injured, and you have to deal with insurance companies. What most of the people do not know, however, sometimes many accidents are not accidents in actual but are fully planned just to get a claim.

Some people pretend that the car damage is so bad that they can’t pay it from their pockets so they apply for a claim.

Car Insurance Scams are one of the biggest types of financial crimes in these modern days. It is expected that 20% of personal injury and 10% of car damage claims are actually fake.

Car Insurance Scams

The Biggest Issue with those who involve in car insurance scams is that they turn the honest person into a crime victim. They have to deal with higher insurance and have to go through the legal process. Instead of it, insurance companies finish up in financial anguish because of some claims, which they have to earn back by increasing insurance premiums.

Have a glance at the most common scams and how you can avoid these.

  • Forced endings

We know that if you hit the back of any person, then you are pretty much automatically at fault. In cash crash schemes, these kinds of accidents are dramatic on purpose, in such a way to make it look as if you could have ignored it.

  • Bad Samaritans

There are many people who support you when you have had an accident and immediately come forward recommending a solicitor or a garage to solve the problem. It seems too good to be true to be helped like that, and it normally is. Do not take a stranger’s advice at the roadside and let the police and insurance company handle the things.

  • Fake injuries

Injuries payout, and they payout big. If you have a small crash no matter by your fault or not and people around the incident immediately start mentioning the whiplash word, you have cause to be worried.

  • Vision victims

It happens when someone puts a claim in for people that were not even in the car. You would not trust how ordinary this is, so always take care that you make a note of the parties involved before you leave the scene of an accident.

  • Drive downs

Drive downs happen when someone signals to let you into traffic and then slams into you, afterward denying to have ever given you consent. Keep yourself away from this by following the right to means actions or proceedings.

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