Forex Card: An Innovative Step By Axis bank and Vistara

People travel all across the world for their various needs; it can be personal as well as official. Travelling to a new country can often create difficulty, especially in relation to the payment and the currency of the new Country. The problem of solving the currency-related issues in a new country can easily be tackled by the wonderful innovation of Vistara and axis bank forex card.

It is said to be the First Indian co-branded forex card. There are remarkable features of the forex card which makes it a travelling necessity. Forging partnership helps the like-minded people to come together and work up to their maximum potential. It also provides a wide range of choice to the consumers.

This wonderful co-branded forex card makes the lives of travellers a lot easier.

forex card

Features of the forex card.

Sixteen currencies: One of the most prominent features of the forex card is that it can load up to sixteen currencies. It makes it a lot easier for the passengers to make International payments very conveniently. This option makes a lot easier and safer than carrying cash.

Locked-in exchange rates: It means that the value of a nation’s currency is fixed in par to the value of the currency in another nation. The government and the Central Banks often set the value.

Award points: Another attractive feature of the forex card is the awarding of points. Three award points are given for every 5 USD that is spent. It attracts more people to avail of the services.

Welcome Bonus: The first time someone activates the card, they are given a welcome bonus of 500 CV points.

Emergency Assistance: The forex card also keeps in mind regarding any emergency situations that might come on the way. The passengers can contact if they need help with documents that were lost during the travel.

Insurance: The insurance can cover up to three lakh rupees. It ensures the safety of travellers and a great aid if they face any crisis during the travel.

The President and Head Branch Banking, Retail Liabilities and Products, Mr Ravi Narayanan from Axis Bank, said, “One can shop and dine globally without worrying about high exchange rates and transaction charges, and also earn Club Vistara Points on the same.”

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