Paperless Personal Loan

Paperless Personal Loan

Personal loan is a kind of loan that allows banks to borrow money, and you can use this amount of money to solve your financial crises. To meet your personal needs as well, you can use this number. Currently, before applying for a personal loan, you have to finish documentation work.

It can be pretty distracting. So, without any paperwork, you can get a personal loan. In short, paperless personal loans are now also affordable. Nearly everybody wants a paperless personal loan, so the reasons for that are

  • Hassle-Free: The whole mechanism is hassle-free. There is no need to think about the paperwork.
  • Time-Saving: Here and there is no need to go. So, in this way, your time will be saved.
  • Safe: There is no chance that records will be lost. If you go for a personal loan without paper, then your documents will be secure.
  • Save Trees: Fewer documentation, the fewer papers would be needed. In this way, the trees will be saved, too.
HDFC Bank Personal Loan
ICICI Bank Personal Loan

The list of some banking and non-banking financial organizations providing you with a paperless personal loan is as follows:

  • Tata Capital Personal Loan: It is a non-banking financial entity where, at very reasonable rates of interest, you can get a paperless personal loan. At 11.50 percent per annum, interest rates begin. In addition to that, no guarantor is needed. For a period of 6 years, you can get a personal loan. They provide you with a balance transfer facility and a top-up loan. For salaried applicants, the minimum age required is 24 years and the limit is 55. It should, in addition, be between 25 and 65 for self-employed applicants.
  • HDFC Bank: This is a well-known bank in India and provides customers with a personal loan at very low-interest rates and very little paperwork, or you might claim without paperwork. Interest rates start per annum at 10.99 percent. There is also no need for a guarantor. The bank only provides a pre-closure facility after 1 year. Salaried candidates should be at least 21 years of age and under 60 years of age. Furthermore, the applicant should receive a minimum of 20000 a month.
  • IDFC Bank: IDFC Bank is also a reputable bank in India that provides you with so many financial services, such as personal loans, gold loans, credit cards, etc. One common item provided by HDFC Bank is a personal loan. Interest rates start at 11.5 percent here. In addition, the IDFC Personal Loan does not require a guarantee.
  • ICICI Bank: ICICI Bank is also a renowned bank in India that provides so many facilities and advantages to its clients. Interest rates begin at 10.99%.
Some of ICICI Bank’s paperless personal loan features are:
  1. There is no guarantor needed.
  2. The bank only gives you the pre-closure facility after 6 months.
  3. They also offer you the option of balance transfer and top-up as well.
  • India Infoline Finance Limited: This is a financial non-banking company that offers you a very fair interest rate personal loan. You can get here if you are not qualified to get a personal loan from some bank somehow. Interest rates start per annum at 13.49 percent. There is no need for guarantors at all.
  • IndusInd: This is also a non-banking financial company that gives you a personal loan without any guarantor at a rate of 11 percent. They also provide a pre-closure service.
  • Fullerton: Fullerton is an Indian non-banking financial organization that provides you with a private loan. In addition, interest rates start at 12.49%. In addition, this loan does not require a guarantor.
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