Risks Of A Personal Loan

A Personal Loan is beneficial in case any of financial crises; they give financial support in case of an emergency. A Personal Loan can be easily availed by an individual but they need to keep in mind the risks of a personal loan. It is also known as unsecured loans.  This loan allows the customer to borrow money from a bank or a non-banking financial company at some rate of interest for a period of time; this is known as the tenure of the personal loan.

A personal loan doesn’t need any collateral they are approved on the basis of the profile and stability of income of the applicant. Before providing a personal loan puts some checks on the customer’s income and credit history. If everything is good with your income and credit history then you can easily get a personal loan. risks of a personal loan

Risks Of A Personal Loan

Everything has its own pros and cons. Besides the numerous advantages that a personal loan has, let us see the risks of a personal loan:

  • High Rates of Interest: Personal Loan Interest Rates are generally higher as compared to the other types of loans. The reason is that the personal loans are unsecured loans while home loan or business loan comes in the category of secured loan. There is a high risk for the lender in a personal loan.
  • Miss-management: There are high risks of management in case of a personal loan. Sometimes people get personal loans and utilize them for multiple purposes. This destabilizes their financial stability and the repayment may be delayed.
  • Additional Fees: In this loan along with the principal amount and interest, you may have to pay some other fees too. These include processing fees, pre-closure charges, late fees, etc.
  • Credit score: Banks approve of a personal loan only if the applicant has an excellent credit score and a history without any defaults. To avoid a bad credit record, one must pay their dues on time. On the basis of a credit score, the loan amount to be sanctioned is dependent.

Above mentioned are the risks of a personal loan which an applicant must be aware of so that the process of applying for a loan is smooth and hassle-free.


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