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      Central Bank Recurring Deposit

      The Central Bank of India provides four separate recurring deposit options to its customers. By opening an RD account and selecting one of the schemes, one can benefit from the Central Bank of India’s RD interest rates. The minimum deposit required to open an RD account with this bank is only Rs. 100. The duration of the deposit varies from 6 to 120 months (10 years). Senior citizens get a 0.50 percent interest rate bonus on top of the normal rates.

      Features of Rd

      India’s Central Bank Exclusive Features of Recurring Deposit Interest Rates
      The Central Bank of India provides general citizens interest rates of up to 7.00 percent and senior citizens interest rates of up to 7.50 percent.
      In the Central Bank, interest on RDs has compounded annually.
      An RD account can be opened with as little as Rs. 100 as a minimum deposit.
      Minors can also open an RD account with their parents’ permission.
      A loan against the deposit amount may be obtained; loans up to 90% of the deposit amount are available.

       Central Bank of India Schemes

      The Central Bank of India provides four different types of recurring deposit schemes to fulfil the needs of different citizens. Take a look at these examples:

      Recurring Deposit Scheme: This plan is tailored for those who have a steady income. One of the primary features that distinguish this system is that every minor over the age of ten who can read and write can open an account. The monthly deposit, on the other hand, is limited to a maximum of Rs. 500, and the maximum maturity value is Rs. 50,000.

      Cent Swa-Shakti Flexi Recurring Deposit Scheme: A minimum deposit of Rs. 100 is needed to open this RD account. This scheme is open to minors under the age of ten who apply with their guardians. The enticing feature of this scheme is that you can deposit additional funds in addition to the core sum. The tenure will last anywhere from six months to ten years. In addition, the bank does not levy any fines for late payments or premature withdrawals.

      Cent Lakhpati: This is a new scheme from the Reserve Bank of India that allows you to earn 6.55 percent p.a. on your deposit. The duration of this scheme varies from one to ten years.

      Cent Millionaire: This RD programme allows you to take advantage of competitive interest rates for up to ten years.

      Central Bank  of India RD Account

      Customers of  Central  Bank  of india will deposit their surplus savings on a recurring basis for a set period of time in a recurring deposit. At the time of account opening, a customer must make a deposit into their RD account. During the term of the deposit, the customer makes frequent deposits and withdraws some money in the account.

      RD on a regular basis
      There is no penalty for late payments.
      It is possible to appoint anyone.
      This RD’s minimum tenure is six months.
      The minimum amount that can be deposited into this account is Rs. 1,000.
      In multiples of Rs. 5, the minimum amount can be deposited.

       Recurring Deposit Rates

      Recurring Deposit Rates at Central Bank of India
      Interest rates on Central  Recurring Deposits are influenced by a number of factors. The following are some of them:

      The interest rate of all banking instruments, including recurring deposits, is influenced by adjustments in the Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) and repo rate as directed by the RBI.
      Recession – During a recession, the RBI releases funds into the economy, thus injecting liquidity. Banks lower RD rates as a result of high liquidity and low credit demand.
      Inflation – Inflation has a positive impact on the interest rate on a fixed deposit. As a result, in times of rising inflation, RD rates appear to be higher.

      Central Bank of India RD Interest Rates 2021

      Cental Bank RD Interest Calculator

      The amount of RD maturity you will receive is determined by the following three factors.

      The initial amount deposited by a customer in HDFC Bank is known as the deposit amount. On larger deposits, a higher interest rate can be offered. HDFC Bank accepts deposits of up to Rs. 1,000.
      Interest Rates- HDFC Bank pays a higher interest rate on longer-term revolving deposits and a lower interest rate on shorter-term deposits. The highest deposit interest rate offered by HDFC Bank is 5.50 percent.
      Deposit period- The bank offers a low interest rate on short-term RDs and a higher interest rate on long-term RDs.

      Duration of Recurring Deposits with Central Bank

      You can open a Recurring Deposit account with the Central Bank of India for as little as 6 months and as much as 120 months.