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Diesel Rate in Sikkim

Today, the diesel price in Sikkim is set by state-controlled oil companies using the daily ‘Dynamic Fuel Pricing’ mechanism. Here you can find the current diesel price in Sikkim, as well as the quarterly price trend in Sikkim. Oil companies update new diesel prices in Sikkim every day at 6:00 a.m. IST. You can also learn how diesel prices in Sikkim are calculated and how they compare to prices in other states. Find the current Sikkim diesel price, as well as the factors influencing diesel prices in India, as well as the highest and lowest prices recorded in a month.

Diesel Price in Sikkim in the last 10 days:

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Diesel Price in All Cities of Sikkim

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State-wise Diesel Prices

Diesel Prices in Major Cities

The trend of Diesel Price in Sikkim for March 2021 (rates per litre):

  Diesel Price
1st March Rs.88.79
31st March Rs.88.05
Highest rate in March Rs.89.07 on March 2nd
Lowest Rate in March Rs.88.05 on March 30th
Over all performance Falling
% Change -0.84%

Trend of Diesel Price in Sikkim for February 2021 (rates per litre):

  Diesel Price
1st February Rs.83.34
28th February Rs.88.79
Highest rate in February Rs.88.91 on February 24th
Lowest Rate in February Rs.83.17 on February 2nd
Over all performance Rising
% Change +6.14%

Trend of Diesel Price in Sikkim for January 2021 (rates per litre):

  Diesel Price
1st January Rs.80.94
31st January Rs.83.34
Highest rate in January Rs.83.82 on January 27th
Lowest Rate in January Rs.80.29 on January 3rd
Over all performance Rising
% Change +2.88%

Trend of Diesel Price in Sikkim for December 2020 (rates per litre):

  Diesel Price
1st December Rs.79.35
31st December Rs.80.40
Highest rate in December Rs.80.94 on December 29th
Lowest Rate in December Rs.78.95 on December 2nd
Over all performance Rising
% Change +1.31%

Trend of Diesel Price in Sikkim for November 2020 (rates per litre):

  Diesel Price
1st November Rs.76.57
30th November Rs.78.87
Highest rate in November Rs.79.35 on November 29th
Lowest Rate in November Rs.76.52 on November 12th
Over all performance Rising
% Change +2.92%

Trend of Diesel Price in Sikkim for October 2020 (rates per litre):

  Diesel Price
1st October Rs.76.91
31st October Rs.76.54
Highest rate in October Rs.77.12 on October 4th
Lowest Rate in October Rs.76.52 on October 2nd
Over all performance Falling
% Change -0.48%

Diesel Price in Sikkim Compared to its Neighbouring States

Petrol costs Rs 87.28 per litre in Raipur, while diesel costs Rs 85.66 per litre. Similarly, in Madhya Pradesh’s Balaghat district, petrol costs Rs 99.07 per litre and diesel costs Rs 89.55/litre. Petrol costs Rs 87.76 per litre in the Uttar Pradesh district of Sonbhadra, and diesel costs Rs 84.24 per litre. Petrol costs Rs 87.81 per litre in Simdega, Jharkhand, and diesel costs Rs 85.19 per litre. Petrol costs Rs 90.64 per litre in Bargarh, Sikkim, and diesel costs Rs 87.34 per litre. The base petrol price is Rs 19.48 per litre, on which the Central government levies a central excise of Rs 31.98, and the Chhattisgarh government levies a VAT of Rs.15.11.

How often Diesel Rates are Revised in Sikkim

Diesel prices are determined by crude oil prices as well as the INR/USD exchange rate. These two determinants are subject to frequent change. As a result, changes in crude oil prices and the exchange rate are reflected in retail selling prices. Since June 16, 2017, all oil marketing companies in Sikkim, including Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, and Hindustan Petroleum, have been reviewing daily fuel prices (diesel and petrol). Dynamic Fuel Pricing is the name given to the system of daily revision.

It is best to check the fuel price before filling up your vehicles. If your consumption is higher, even minor changes can have a significant impact on your bill. Consumers can track daily updates by using mobile applications, SMS alerts, and customer care support services provided by oil marketing companies. Fuel prices can be found online. Furthermore, OMCs post updated fuel prices on their premises.

Factors Affecting Diesel Price in Sikkim

Diesel Price in SikkimDiesel prices fluctuate due to two factors: a) crude oil prices b) the rate of exchange between INR and USD. If the crude oil price rises, the price of diesel falls; if the price of crude oil falls, the price of diesel falls. As a result, the INR/USD exchange rate influences the price of fuel. If the INR falls against the USD, the crude oil cost rises, raising the price of gasoline. If, on the other hand, the USD strengthens against the INR, the diesel price will fall as a result.

Effect of GST on Sikkim Diesel Price

Sikkim’s current diesel price is unaffected by GST, which went into effect in July 2017. Five petroleum products, including diesel, are exempt from GST. GST, or Goods and Services Tax, is a unified tax system that applies to a wide range of goods and services. GST is currently levied at five different rates: 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%. The imposition of GST on diesel will lower the price of diesel. Diesel taxes are a major source of revenue for both the federal and state governments. The government’s revenue source will be harmed if a GST is imposed on diesel.

Diesel Cost versus Petrol Cost in Sikkim

The price of gasoline in Sikkim is 92.20 rupees per litre. Since the 28th of February, when it was 92.89 Rs/ltr, the price of petrol has decreased by 0.69 Rs/ltr.
The price of diesel in Sikkim is 89.02 rupees per litre. Since the 28th of February, when it was 89.75 Rs/ltr, the price of diesel has decreased by 0.74 Rs/ltr.

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News Snippets

India’s Diesel Demand May Decline as Drivers Switch to Petrol

India’s diesel demand growth is gradually distancing itself from the auto industry as motorists shift to gasoline vehicles, making it more reliant on erratic demand from the heavy and construction industries. The country’s recent slowdown in demand growth could add to the region’s persistent surplus of diesel, fueled in part by healthy Chinese exports and putting pressure on India’s refining profit margins. Historically, transportation has accounted for two-thirds of India’s diesel utilisation, but a continuous drop in the discount to petrol has resulted in sales of diesel-powered four-wheelers reaching a record low share of total sales, according to industry body Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers.

Due to the decline in demand from the automobile sector, diesel demand growth in India may be dependent on company and government infrastructure spending rather than daily commuter use. In accordance to SIAM, diesel-powered cars accounted for more than 19% of total car sales in the 2018-19 fiscal year, compared to approximately 50% of sales in the 2012-13 fiscal year. Furthermore, according to data from the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, the decline in diesel-powered vehicle sales influenced the slower growth in diesel consumption, which slowed from about 7% per year from 2010 to 2013, to about 13% in 2018-19.

Petrol prices fall again, the downward trend continues

On Monday, fuel prices continued to fall as state-owned companies decided to lower rates across the country. Petrol in the national capital was priced at Rs.70.31 per litre, an Rs.0.39 per litre decrease from the previous day. Petrol prices in other major cities have also fallen as a result of an oversupply of crude oil in the market, which has pushed down fuel prices. Petrol was sold at Rs.75.90 per litre in Kolkata, Rs.72.37 per litre in Chennai, and Rs.70.17 per litre and Rs.69.36 per litre in Noida and Gurugram, respectively, for the day.

This is one of the lowest prices recorded since the beginning of October when gasoline prices reached their highest ever levels. In most cities, petrol prices have dropped by more than Rs.12 in recent months. Petrol was selling for Rs.84 per litre in Delhi at its peak, which means prices have dropped by more than Rs.14 per litre in just over a month. The downward trend appears to be continuing for the foreseeable future until the expected crude price increases occur as a result of OPEC and partner nation supply cuts.

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What is the petrol price in Sikkim?

The petrol price in Sikkim is Rs 91.28 per litre

Will diesel prices reduce in India?

According to economists’ calculations, diesel will drop to 68 cents per litre, and the revenue loss for the Central Government and states will be only 1 lakh crore, or 0.4 per cent of GDP, assuming global crude prices of $60 per barrel and an exchange rate of 73 cents to the dollar.

What was the highest price of diesel in Sikkim in the last 10 years?

The highest price of diesel in Sikkim in the last 10 years was ₹ 81.28 per litre on 16 October 2018.

What is the current price of diesel in Sikkim?

The current price of diesel in Sikkim is ₹ 88.11 per litre.