LPG Gas Price in India

LPG Price Today
959.0014.2 kg cylinder

Today’s LPG Gas Price in India – Updated Feb 02 2023

Oil advertising companies that are controlled by the state decide LPG prices in India. These prices are updated each month by the Public Authority of India. An LPG connection is present in pretty much every household. LPG cylinders in the nation are predominantly utilized for cooking.

The two principal factors that decide India’s LPG cylinders’ costs are the rupee’s exchange rate against the dollar and the worldwide benchmark rate. Each household can get up to 12 cylinders (14.2 kg each) at subsidized rates in a year. On account of more cylinders, the market cost is paid. Therefore, LPG costs in India are controlled by the prior month’s global market cost. You can check the LPG subsidy enrollment status online and how it works.

Current LPG Gas Price List for 14.2 KG Cylinder (Feb 02 2023)

City  Price Today
New Delhi ₹ 899.50
Mumbai ₹ 899.50
Gurgaon ₹ 908.50
Bengaluru ₹ 902.50
Chandigarh ₹ 909.00
Jaipur ₹ 903.50
Patna ₹ 909.00
Kolkata ₹ 926.00
Chennai ₹ 915.50
Noida ₹ 897.50
Bhubaneshwar ₹ 926.00
Hyderabad ₹ 952.00
Lucknow ₹ 937.50
Trivandrum ₹ 909.00

What is LPG? 

Melted Petroleum Gas (LPG) comprises butane and propane principally utilised to fuel vehicles, cooking, and warming water in heaters. As LPG is a petroleum derivative, it is produced using gas wells and oil. LPG is produced by refining raw petroleum and by processing natural gas.

Top Gas Connection Providers in India 

A portion of the top gas connection suppliers in India are referenced underneath: 

HP Gas: Run by the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, HP Gas gives gas connections to its clients all across India. The LPG cylinders are provided at a subsidized cost by HP Gas. Be that as it may, the qualification for the subsidiary is checked after the consumer presents the necessary documents. If you are a current HP Gas client, you can move the connection to any spot across India.

Indane Gas: Indian Oil Corporation runs Indane Gas and gives LPG cylinders across India. To apply for another connection, you should present the applicable documents at the closest Indane Gas merchant. The documents are verified to check if you are qualified for any subsidy under the public authority scheme. Then, you have the choice to apply for another connection on the authority site of Indane Oil Corporation. The connection can be transferred to any spot across India. 

Bharat Gas: Bharat Petroleum Gas runs Bharat Gas and gives gas connections across India for domestic utilisation. The organization gives an online interface for people to get to different departments according to their needs. The applicable documents are to be submitted to apply for another connection. According to the documents that have been submitted, eligibility for the subsidy will be checked. Bharat Gas permits its clients to move the connection from one place to another all across India.

Domestic LPG vs Commercial LPG

Domestic LPG Commercial LPG
Essentially utilized for domestic household purposes.  It is used for non-domestic purposes such as agricultural, electricity generation, transportation, poultry, eatery joints, industries, restaurants, and hotels.
The costs are dictated by oil showcasing companies controlled by the state and depend on the unrefined petroleum costs in the worldwide business sectors and the money exchange rate. 


The prices are determined by oil marketing companies run by the state and depend on the crude oil prices in the international markets and the currency exchange rate.
The costs are re-examined toward the start of consistency. The prices are revised regularly.
Eligible for subsidy. Not eligible for a subsidy.
The prices are lower when compared to commercial LPG cylinders. The prices are higher when compared to domestic LPG cylinders.
Painted in red colour for easy identification. Painted in blue colour for easy identification.
Available in 5 kgs and 14.2 kgs Available in 5 kgs, 19 kgs, and 47.5 kgs


✅What is the current LPG subsidy amount?

According to industry officials, domestic users’ government subsidies have raised from Rs 153.86 per cylinder to Rs 291.48. On the other hand, the subsidy for the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY) beneficiaries has increased from Rs 174.86 to Rs 312.48 per cylinder.

✅How is the price of LPG determined?

The price of LPG is regulated by the Public Authority of India. The price of LPG depends upon the price of crude oil in the international market.

✅ In India, who is eligible for LPG subsidies?

The scheme is currently enhanced to all rural households to cover BPL families who do not access LPG. The Indian government provides state-owned fuel retailers with a subsidy of INR1,600 for each free LPG link they offer to rural households under the scheme.