Two Wheeler Loan Suzuki Access 125

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All About Two Wheeler Loan Suzuki Access 125


Suzuki Access 125

Two Wheeler Loan Suzuki Access 125The Suzuki Access 125 is a scooter manufactured by Suzuki Motorcycles India limited. The company was introduced on 18th September 2017. 

The company is a subsidiary of the Japanese company name Suzuki.the on road price of the scooter is Rs. 55,370 to Rs.65,761. There can be little variations in the price. The weight of the bike is 112 Kg. The engine of the scooter is 124 cc.

Two Wheeler Loan Suzuki Access 125

Two Wheeler loan is a secured loan in which we borrow the money from the bank at some rate of interest, however, the rates of interest are quite affordable. They are not as high as a personal loan.

You can buy any Two wheeler with the help of a Two wheeler loan. this loan comes under the category of secured loans. The bank will bound your Two wheeler if you won’t return your Two wheeler loan on time.

Difference Between a Personal Loan and a Two Wheeler Loan

A Two wheeler loan and a personal loan are quite different. A personal loan comes into the category of unsecured loan and you can use the amount of personal loan anywhere according to your personal need. But in a Two wheeler loan, the bank gives you an aid specifically to buy a Two wheeler. You can’t use this amount of loan anywhere else.

Bank or any other lender won’t allow you to do so. Besides that, a Two wheeler loan comes into the category of secured loan. the bank has something as a security in case you won’t return your loan. it is your Two wheeler that you are buying.

Two Wheeler Loan Suzuki Access 125

As two-wheeler is easy and suitable for an individual and it fits for everyone. The documentation will be simpler as compared to another vehicle. In the list below, there are few things

  1. Margins: Money which you have to pay while purchasing the two wheeler will be the down payment.
  2. Extra costs covered: It covers up all the other cost.
  3. Tenure:  12 or 48 months will be given to the customer for the repayment and it gets extended to 5years.
  4. Credit score: The credit score can be started with a boom with this type of loan by the individuals who are applying for a loan and also by those who are willing to buy a Two Wheeler for the first time.
  5. Interest Rates: The interest rate is 11.5% or more than that 

Eligibility for Two Wheeler Loan Suzuki Access 125

  1. The minimum age of the applicant is required to be 21 years.
  2. After that, the applicant should have the citizenship of India.
  3. The applicant should have some rigid source of income.
  4. The maximum age of the applicant at the time of the competition of the tenure can be 65 years.
  5. The minimum income of the applicant should be Rs. 8000 at least.

Documents Required for Two Wheeler Loan Suzuki Access 125

2 colored passports sized photographs.

Identity Proof

First of all, an ID proof is required to get a Two wheeler loan. This identity proof can be an Aadhaar card /PAN card/voter ID card/Ration Card / Driving Licence/ Passport)

Resident Proof

Aa proof of residence is also required. It can bean Aadhaar card /PAN card/voter ID card/Ration Card / Driving Licence/ Passport/electricity bills of last three months on the name of the applicant with the rental agreement)

Income Proof

One income proof is also required if you want to apply for a two wheeler loan. It can be salary slips of last three months and ITR of last three years for self-employed.

Banks which provides Two Wheeler Loan

  1. HDFC Bank Two Wheeler Loan
  2. Bank of Baroda Two Wheeler Loan
  3. AXIS Bank Two Wheeler Loan
  4. Canara Bank Two Wheeler Loan
  5. Central Bank of India Two Wheeler Loan
  6. City Union Bank Two Wheeler Loan

Procedure to Apply for Two Wheeler Loan Suzuki Access 125

  1. First of all online on google.
  2. Search for theTwo Wheeler Loan for Suzuki Access 125 there.
  3. An application form will open up. Fill this form online with the important details of yours.
  4. You will get a proper assistance from our side. The process is very easy and hassle-free.
  5. For more information, you may call on 60011600.
  6. If you will apply for a Two wheeler loan online on so will be benefitted by so many extra perks too.

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Two Wheeler Loan Suzuki Access 125

Two Wheeler Loan Suzuki Access 125

Two Wheeler Loan Suzuki Access 125



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