Credit Card Raebareli

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Credit Card Raebareli

About Raebareli


Raebareli city is located in the  Indian State of Uttar Pradesh, the city is situated on the banks of the Sai river. The total population of the city is 191,056 where Hindi and Urdu are the commonly used languages. Credit Card Raebareli

Samaspur Bird Sanctuary is located in Raebareli and Indira Gandhi Memorial Botanical Garden is the famous tourist attraction of the city.

Raebareli has many forts and historical monuments that are remarks of the British period. Raebareli banks are improvising the credit services in the city for adding to the convenience of the citizens. Shoppers love earning reward points on every buy and Credit Card Raebareli provides its credit cardholders with the same.

Top 5 Banks that offer Credit Card in Raebareli

Axis Bank:

  • Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card: It is a travel credit card that offers the best offers on travel ticket bookings and an added advantage for those who frequently take trips to different places. Those card users often select Vistara Airlines for travelling and get the perks of using the Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card. And those card users who can pay an annual fee of Rs. 1500.

American Express Credit Card:

  • The American Express Membership Reward Credit Card: This is a reward credit card that is best suited for those customers who are looking for a reward on every purchase rather than cashback. The card provides reward points and bonuses on everyday spend like shopping, departmental stores, grocery purchase, and many more at the cost of a decent annual fee. This credit card is most appropriate for those card users who spend their monthly income on the credit card.

Standard Chartered Bank:

  • Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card: This is an exclusive reward card that can be used to pay utility bills, electricity bills, telecom bill payments. It is the perfect blend of reward and cashback benefits.

Punjab National Bank:

  • PNB Global Platinum Credit Card: This is a special credit card by Punjab National Bank and this card provides plenty of perks to the credit card users such as insurance coverage and passport and visa support before any air travel. And the reward point offered on every spend.

RBL Bank:

  • RBL Insignia Preferred World Credit Card: The RBL Insignia Preferred World Credit Card is a complete package for customers from travel to golf all needs are covered by the credit card. For those who frequently play golf and require lounge access, this is the best-suited credit card.

Looking for Bank Branches where you can get information on Credit Card in Raebareli

Bank Name
Bank Address
Bank of Baroda 783, Kutechery Road, Nirala Nagar, Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh
State Bank of India New Galla Mandi, Ratapur Road, Raebareli
Union Bank of India RDA Complex, Indira Nagar Awas Vikas Colony, Indira Nagar, Raebareli

Why Apply Online or Choose Dialabank for Credit Cards in Raebareli

  1. The credit card approval process is extremely easy to understand.
  2. The entire information regarding the Credit Card Raebareli and the bank is present online.
  3. The application instantly updates and the applicant gets quickly informed.

How you can get credit cards with Dialabank in Raebareli in just three easy steps:

  • Visit the Dialabank site and compare the online eligibility for the credit card of your choice.
  • Now fill in the online application form with the required information.
  • Submit the application form and you will be quickly informed regarding your application submission.

Which are the credit cards available in Raebareli for Customers?

  1. Fuel Cards
  2. Charge Cards
  3. Shopping Cards
  4. Premium Cards
  5. Travel cards
  6. Reward Cards
  7. Regular Cards
  8. Entertainment Cards

How you can pay for credit card payments or payment options?

  • Autopay
  • Via Cheque at dropbox
  • Net Banking from any bank account

Eligibility Criteria for Credit Card Raebareli

  • Age: The candidate’s age should lie between 21 years to 65 years of age.
  • Occupation of the applicant: The applicant should be either salaried-employee or self-employed.
  • Cibil Score: A good Cibil score is compulsory for credit card approval.
  •  Income: The credit card candidate must have a monthly salary of Rs. 15,000.

Required Income Criteria for Credit Cards in Raebareli:

  • The aspirants for Credit Card Raebareli should earn a minimum of Rs. 15,000 a month if he/she is either self-employed or salaried individual. The criterion for salary might vary on the basis of the credit card type. The Cibil score of the applicant is also taken into consideration while applying for a credit card.

FAQs for Credit Card Raebareli

Why is the Cibil score taken into consideration while applying for a Credit Card Raebareli?

The Cibil score plays a major role in credit card approval as it is the data of past credits and repayments of the applicant. In case of some fault or due the application gets rejected. 

✅ How is the applicant benefit from Credit Card Raebareli?

The applicant gets an ample number of benefits with the usage of Credit Card Raebareli which ranges from travelling to shopping. The reward points, cashback, club memberships, and discounts are the highlighted features of various credit cards.

✅ For Credit Card Raebareli approval what should be the minimum salary of the applicant?

The aspirant for Credit Card Raebareli should earn at least Rs. 15,000 or more in a month.

What steps should I follow for online Credit Card Raebareli approval?

  • Visit the Dialabank site and compare the online eligibility for the credit card of your choice.
  • Now fill in the online application form with the required information.
  • Submit the application form and you will be quickly informed regarding your application submission.

✅ What all kinds of Credit cards are available for customer access in Raebareli?

  1. Travel cards
  2. Fuel Cards
  3. Shopping Cards
  4. Premium Cards
  5. Charge Cards
  6. Regular Cards
  7. Reward Cards
  8. Entertainment Cards

✅ What all credit card payment options are available for Credit Card Raebareli payment?

  • Net Banking from any bank account
  • Via Cheque at dropbox
  • Autopay

What are the defined norms for the minimum age of the applicant for Credit Card Raebareli approval?

For credit card approval, the applicant must be a minimum of 21 years of age.

How does Dialabank assist the customers who require support for problems resolving?

The customer support at Dialabank is proactive as it reaches out to customers instantly after they report any issue or register for any service. Hence, customer care is active 24*7 to help its customers.


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