Impact of Falling Rupee

Impact of Falling Rupee
The weakening of the rupee against the dollar has affected the country’s economy. RBI has taken several measures to stabilize the value of the rupee in measure to overcome strict recession and recover the loss.
The hike in interest rate, the banks are asked to increase the lending rates, with this demand of loans has dried up. These measures were adopted not only to stabilize the economy but also to reduce the burden on the common man.
Some of the Impact of Falling Rupee:
  • Living costs to increase substantially is the Impact of Falling Rupee.
  • The housing costs increased steeply with the depreciation in the value of Indian currency. The overall commodities costs have also hiked up is the Impact of Falling Rupee.
  • The monthly expenses have hiked due to the increase in the cost of food articles. The petrol and diesel prices have reached a remarkable level, and so the transportation cost, which leads to a rise in the prices of fruits and vegetables.
  • Automobiles, today’s lifeline. It is also an important sector, life without it cannot be imagined. The common man is again under the budget crisis, with the increase in prices of automobiles. The depreciation is directly proportional to the rise in prices of petroleum products and a drop in car sales is the Impact of Falling Rupee.
  • The unstable value of the rupee also has an adverse effect on those dealing with import business. As the cost of an import directly depends on rupee depreciation is the Impact of Falling Rupee.
  • Currency futures are attractive to investors.
  • The investments offers are attractive to investors in all assets, with different hedging requirements and varying trades. The investing now a day is a booming industry as currency exposure is highlighted.
  • Indian market is offering rich options of investments on different platforms, the individual is exposed to foreign currency.


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