About Allahabad Bank

The Allahabad bank is the oldest joint stock bank of India. The Total business of the bank in the financial year of 2017-18 was Rs. 3.8 trillion. The bank has many products like credit cards, loans, insurances, and many others. The Allahabad Bank Personal Loan is one of them, which most popular and most buying loan. The bank has different personal loans for different categories of individuals which are listed below.

Saral Personal Loan

  1. The Allahbank personal loan has this category to help people in their economic crisis or in their urgencies. This personal loan can be used for the purposes like buying a two-wheeler, house renovation, vacations, clearing other debts or any other personal expenses. But, these personal loans cannot be used for investment purposes.
  2. The loan in this category can be approved only up to the 24 times of the monthly income of the applicant, which accounts to be from Rs 50,000 to Rs 7.5 Lacs.
  3. The security needed in this category is a guarantor, either parents or the spouse. The commodities can also be presented as the securities to the bank.

Personal Loans For Pensioners:

  1. Definition: Pension means basic pension plus dearness relief at the time of sanction of credit facility.
  2. Eligible applicants: All the state Govt., Central Govt., teachers’ pensioners & family pensioners drawing monthly pension through Allahabad Bank branches or from Post Office/Other Banks.
  3. Age: Must not exceed 70 years (Seventy years) as on the date of disbursement of the loan.

Purpose: For any purpose.

  1. Loan amount: Allahabad Bank Personal Loan offers the loan amount of
  2. For the pensioners below the age of 65 years can get the loan up to 2 Lacs.
  3. For the pensioners who are aged above 65 years can get the loans up to Rs 1 Lac.
  4. The minimum amount of the loan is of Rs 25,000.
  5. The loan amount can’t exceed from the 50% of the monthly pension.
  6. Repayment Period: Maximum 48 months

Personal loan for Medical Professionals

  1. It is the category of the loans which the medical professionals like surgeons and doctors can get personal loans for the expenses for their practices.
  2. The loan amount which a bank can avail as a loan, can not exceed the amount of the applicant's salary or Rs 5 Lacs, whichever is lower.
  3. The time of 60 months (5 years) is usually provided to these professionals to repay the amount.
  4. There is no requirement of the securities in this loan.

Home Appliances Finance Scheme:

  1. This type of loans is granted to the applicants to help them in buying household appliances.
  2. The amount of these loans ranges from the Rs 25000/- to Rs 2 Lacs.
  3. The loan amount covers up to 80% of the cost price of the commodity, which is known as margin.
  4. The payment of these loans can be done in 3 years.

Saving bank Overdraft Facility

  1. In the time of emergencies, the saving account holders of the Allahabad bank can take out the more money than they have in their account.
  2. The one month's net salary amount can be an overdraft in this loan or the sum of Rs 40,000/-.
  3. Time of one year is granted by the bank to repay the money.

NSC/ KVP Loans

  1. The national saving certificates (NSC) and Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) can avail the instant personal loans from the Allahabad Bank. These loans can be used for business and personal purposes. The major agricultural investment cannot be done using these amounts.
  2. The bank offers the loan in the range of Rs 10,000/- to according to the age of certificate.
  3. The repayment of these loans should be done before the maturity of these certificates.
  4. As a security, the NSC or KVP has to be assured to the banks and the post office’s meeting of the lien will be required.

Why apply for a personal loan at Dialabank?

The banking industry has now become the 3rd largest industry in the world. The banking has to go online. The Dialabank here help the people in their approval and disbursal of the loans. As Dialabank is India’s first banking helpline, there are no issues for the securities.

The different advantages that an applicant can get here are listed below.

  1. Eligibility Confirmation: The applicant here can check whether the banks can give them the loans or not.
  2. Instant Loan Approval: The Dialabank helps the customer in gaining the instant approval of the banks for the loans.
  3. Doorstep Facilities: The banks are in contact with us. Therefore, they can collect the documents at your place.
  4. Responsive: Our service is very active. You can expect the assistance through call within the 5 mins.
  5. No Charges: Our service is totally free of cost. So, don’t worry about extra expenses.
  6. For more information, you may call on 60011600.

How to Apply?

  1. Visit our website in www.dialabank.com or directly call 60011600 - 9878981166
  2. Fill the online application form with the contact number
  3. Submit all the document

Special Note: We do not provide Personal Loan to bad credit holder

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