Purvanchal Bank was formed by the sponsorship of State Bank of India. The bank has established its headquarters in the city of Gorakhpur which is in Haryana. At present, the bank is jointly owned by the government of India and the government of Uttar Pradesh. Purvanchal Bank provides many financial facilities such as savings account, loan, FD account Etc. To the rural population of the state. A personal loan is among those loaning scheme which is more frequently availed because of its unique benefits and affordable rate of interest.

About Purvanchal Bank Personal Loan

See as the name suggest Personal loan is nothing but a loan taken from a bank by the individual for solving personal financial issues. You can use the loan amount for paying your medical bills, and you can use personal loan amount as the funding for your foreign trip and save your money. In addition to this, a personal loan is an unsecured way of taking a loan amount from a bank. As a result, the borrower is not required to deposit any collateral to the bank. Likewise, you can easily avail this loan online via a financial portal such as Paisso and DialaBank without wasting any time. 
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How does Purvanchal Bank Personal Loan work? 

  1. See first you need to apply for the Purvanchal Personal Loan online.
  2. Once you submitted your loan application, it gets a transfer to the bank. There one of the bank employees will evaluate it on the basis banks standards.
  3. In addition to this, the bank will also check income eligibility and your CIBIL score.
  4. If your loan request full-fills all the criteria bank will come up with the loan amount and its respective interest rates.
  5. Finally, the disbursal of the loan takes place, and you get the principal amount from the bank.

Purvanchal Bank Personal Loan Benefits 

  1. Firstly, while availing for a personal loan, our primary concern is the amount of interest that we have to pay on our loan amount.
  2. For this loan, the bank offers minimal interest rate from the borrower.
  3. Also, the documentation required for a personal loan is not much
  4. As a result, approval can be done within 2 hours of applying If all your documents full-fills the criteria.
  5. Bank lets you decide how you want to repay your loan. A personal loan allows multiple re-payment methods.
  6. Furthermore, you can expect the loan amount to be ranging from 50,000 Rs to 30 Lacs from these loans.
  7. Likewise, as the name signifies you can use the principal amount of loan in whatever way you want there is no restriction on spending.
  8. Lastly, both salaried and self-employed applicants are eligible for availing this loan and use it according to their needs.

Purvanchal Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate 

10.70% is the minimum rate of interest banks can provide you on personal loan if your application is exceptionally good. Also, once the interest rate gets fixed, it remains the same throughout the loaning tenure. 

Puvranchal Bank Personal Loan Eligibility

For the salaried applicant:
  1. Firstly, the age of the applicant needs to be above 21 and maximum age to avail this loan is 61.
  2. Also, for the salaried applicant bank requires 18,000 Rs as minimum monthly salary.
  3. Likewise, you need to have an account in a bank, and your salary should come to that bank account.
  4. Last but not least for availing personal loan a salaried applicant’s CIBIL needs to be at least 750.
For the self-employed applicant:
  1. Your age should stay between the range of 21 years to 71 years.
  2. Likewise, applicant’s business must be up to running for about three years.
  3. Moreover, your business must have at least 30 Lacs of turnover to avail this loan.
  4. In addition to this, you must have an account in a bank.
  5. Last year ITR of business needed to be at least 2.5 Lac.
  6. Most importantly just like a salaried applicant, your CIBIL needs to be above 750.

Purvanchal Bank Personal Loan Documents 

  1. Identity Proof:-  Aadhar Card / PAN Card/ Voter ID Card/ Passport/ Driving License. The applicant can use any one of the above.
  2. Residential Proof:- Aadhar Card / PAN Card/ Voter ID Card/ Passport/ Driving License/Ration Card/Utility bills of last three months on the name of applicant/ Rent Agreement.
  3. Income proof for the salaried applicant: you need to provide six months of income receipt along with your banking statement of the past six months.
  4. Income proof for the self-employed applicant:- you need to show ITR papers of last years.

How to avail for Purvanchal Bank Personal Loan?

  1. You can avail personal loan easily. Follow these steps which are written down below, and you are done.
  2. First, you need to go to https://www.dialabank.com/
  3. Now, once you are on our website, you need to fill your contact number along with your necessary details.
  4. It is vital that you provide your correct contact details.
  5. DialaBank will make sure that your loan application gets a high loan to value ratio.
  6. Also, our RM will look for the best deal for you which you can easily avail near your location without wasting any time.
  7. Feel free to call us anytime we are always there to assist you.
  8. You don’t need to pay us a thing. Yes, you read that correct our service is free of cost we don’t charge you anything

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