Bad Credit Loans

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      Bad Credit Loans

      About Bad Credit Loans

      Bad Credit Loans

      This table will Bad credit loans are the type of personal loans that are offered to the borrowers that have weak bad or no credit. There are several loans and my different types of financial institutions that offer them-banks, credit union and online lenders. A characteristic of bad credit loans is that they in general will be expensive. This is because of the reason that the lenders charge higher to the borrowers with bad credit than to the good credit holders

      So, What is a Good Credit Score and What is a Bad Credit Score?

      In general FICO score is said to be good if the credit score is above 630 and below that is considered a bad credit score. The borrower can know his/her credit score online bank account and also from the credit card statement. To see where your score fall, have a look at the table given below:    

      Credit Score



      Great Credit


      Good Credit


      Fair Credit


      Subprime / Bad Credit


      Poor / Bad Credit

      This table will help you to know where your score falls.

      When you have bad credit, this will mean that your history gives the lender the clear view that you pay your debts late or maybe not at all. This will make the lender risky to lend you a loan from their point of view maybe you won’t repay their money back. And yes the lender will offer you an extra interest rate.

      Options with Bad Credit Score Holders to Avail Loan:

      An unsecured bad credit loan means that the borrower has to sign a contract as surety that the money will be repaid according to the terms and conditions of their loan. In case the person is not able to repay the loan the lender may start collecting the money owned from a collection agency or other legal means.

      A secured bad credit loan requires that the borrower use something valuable like a car, home or a piece of jewellery with the bank as collateral in order to secure the loan. That means that if the borrower is not able to repay the loan the lender will have full right to seize the collateral to recover their loss.                                                                                        



      Average APR   



      Payday Loans


      High Risk


      Title Loans


      High Risk


      Cash Advances


      High Risk


      Bad Credit Installment loans


      Low Risk


      Are Bad Credit Loans Safe or Dangerous?

      Bad credit loans are risky in case your lender does not check your credit, or your ability to repay your loan that’s a sign that they aren’t offering you a responsible loan.

      Summary:  You need to have a good credit score as it will make the lender lend you a loan more confidently and without having any doubt in the mind of you not repaying the loan on time and you will be able to avail the loan easily and meet your financial needs and help you to know where your score falls.

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      Special Note: An individual must examine the whole EMI amount payable to the lender with the Personal loan EMI calculator.