Meghalaya Rural Bank NRI Personal Loan

Meghalaya Rural Bank NRI Personal LoanMeghalaya Rural Bank NRI Personal Loan

There many Indians choose to pursue their educations out of the country and eventually settle there with a job. But when you have a temporary visa that allows you to stay there for just a few years, getting a loan from that country becomes very difficult.

In such cases, Meghalaya Rural Bank offers you a personal loan if you are an NRI which will allow you to fund your personal expenses, vacation, or any task that would require you to take out a loan.

Meghalaya Rural Bank NRI Personal Loan Interest Rate

Meghalaya Rural Bank Personal Loan Documents Required

Meghalaya Rural Bank NRI Personal Loan Eligibility

Features of Meghalaya Rural Bank NRI Personal Loan

  • To apply for this loan, the applicant has to be a resident Indian and the co-applicant can be an NRI. The co-applicant and applicant have to be a part of a family and being friends or colleagues wouldn’t work.
  • You don’t have to put anything up as security or collateral.
  • The documentation is very simple and quick. Even the disbursement of funds is very quick.
  • The proofs for all the documents have to be submitted by both the applicant and co-applicant.

Apply for Meghalaya Rural Bank NRI Personal Loan with Dialabank

You can get an NRI loan from Meghalaya Rural Bank by applying with dialabank as well. You can enter all your details on the website and we will take it upon ourselves to get you the loan you need because we know how difficult the whole process can be when you are in a different country and a Time zone. We will have one of our relationship managers to look after and guide you through the whole loan process, and even make you have very little effort to exert.

Meghalaya Rural Bank NRI Personal Loan – FAQs

✅ Do we have to show the lender how the money would be spent?

You do NOT have to show your bills to show the lender what you are using the loan money on. The lender’s job is to provide you with the loan and make sure that you are punctual at paying your loan back on time, he/she doesn’t care about how you spend that money.

✅ Where will the loan funds be disbursed for the NRI?

The personal loan amount can be put in the NRI’s NRO or NRE account. Most banks give the loan in rupees but some deal with foreign currency. Therefore, you should check with the bank about the currency they’d be using.

✅ Can I sign my friend as the co-applicant?

Banks prefer if the co-applicant is a close relative of the applicant rather than a friend or a colleague. But you might want to ask regarding this i.e. if they have this option on the table for them.