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Bajaj Finance
Interest Rate
10.75% - 17%
11.25% - 18.5%
Min Loan Amt
Metro : 75000 & Non Metro: 50000
Max Loan Amt
50 Lacs
50 Lacs
1 Cr
Loan Tenure
1 - 5 Years
1 - 5 Years
1 - 5 Years
Processing Fee
0.25% - 2% of the Loan Amt

1% - 2.5% of the Loan Amt

0.5% - 2% of the Loan Amt
Preclosure Charges
2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 12 months
2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 24 months
Overdraft Facility

Personal Loan Ashoknagar

Personal Loan Ashok Nagar

Any financial institution borrowing money for personal use is called a Personal Loan. It is a multipurpose loan that can be used to satisfy many needs. A financial loan is used to meet some of the specific requirements including school costs, payment including medical bills, taxes, etc.

In the new world, people are searching for a simple way to fund their vacations, company, and much more. All they need to do is ask for Personal Loans.

A Dialabank Personal Loan personal loan enables you to meet your varying financial needs; you can take advantage of loans up to Rs 20 lakh and fulfill the specific needs you pose at any period of your life. The fast clearance system means you are informed of the expenditure easily.

Moreover, with our instant online Personal Loan services, you’ll get the funds within 3 seconds. In Ashoknagar, you can obtain a personal loan easily at an interest rate of 10.75 percent to 32 percent, but that depends on several variables.

Features of Personal Loan Ashoknagar 

Personal loans Ashoknagar has an immediate clearance mechanism, with loans approved as early as 24-48 hours after the loan application is submitted.

    1. Personal loan up to Lakh Rs. 25. They have a flexible tenor varying between 12 and 60 months. No collateral or guarantor is required for those loans. They are at a negligible interest rate.
    2. You will apply for Personal Loan online and get approved within 5 minutes of your personal loan submission.
    3. You will not have to provide insurance for it. This is a non-secured loan. To get it, then, is quick.
    4. The applicants can choose the amount and number of EMI to repay the money, according to its availability.
    5. The documentation required for such loans is very simple, and the amount is very limited.
    6. Borrowers will often use such loans as a method for getting a strong credit score.

Personal Loan Ashoknagar Interest Rates

Processing Fee
Prepayment Charges
HDFC Bank Personal Loan
0.25% to 1.50%
2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 3 months
Axis Bank Personal Loan
0.50% to 1.50%
ICICI Bank Personal Loan
0.25% to 1.50%
2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 9 months
SBI Personal Loan
500/- to 0.50%
Kotak Personal Loan
1% to 2%
2.25% of fore closure amount if closed 1 month ahead of the tenure.
IIFL Personal Loan
Muthoot Personal Loan
Manappauram Personal Loan
PNB Personal Loan
0.70% to 1%
Canara Bank Personal Loan
Andhra Bank Personal Loan

To check Personal Loan Interest Rate for all major banks you can visit: Personal Loan Interest Rates

Documents Required for Personal Loan Ashoknagar

Salaried Customers:

  1. Identity verification such as driving license / Aadhar passport.
  2. Only slip of three months’ pay.
  3. Bank declarations over the last 6 months.
  4. PAN Card.
  5. Residence Proof (provided by Owned / Rented / Company), and rental agreement in the case of apartments.
  6. 2 Applicant’s passport-sized photographs.

Self-Employed Customers:

  1. All financials are needed (Balance Sheet and P&L Report ITR documents).
  2. PAN Card.
  3. Aadhar Passport, as evidence of identification.
  4. Residence Proof or rental agreement should an apartment be rented.
  5. The applicant has two passport-size photos.

personal loan at 10.75%*

Personal Loan Ashoknagar Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria are specific for both salaried and self-employed workers.

Click here to know more about personal loan eligibility

Eligibility Criteria for Personal Loan Ashoknagar:

There are some criteria for eligibility, based on which bank provides a loan.

Salaried Applicant

  1. The applicant’s age should range between 21 years and 60 years.
  2. The person has to have a strong credit background.
  3. He/she should have the past three years’ work experience and the salary should come in their account only.
  4. The documentation process is straightforward; they must submit their last six months’ salary slip and submit their previous three-month bank statement.

Click here to know more about- Salaried Applicant

Self-employed Applicant

  1. If the applicant is a self-employed individual, then the age should be 25.
  2. Over the last three years, the individual will have to file ITR.
  3. The ITR the person files should be at least 2.5lacs per annum.
  4. The person’s credit score will be fine, so no debt will be due.
  5. Finally, if the person has a business then he should be running his business from the previous three years.

Click here to know more – Self-employed Applicant

Why Apply for Personal Loan Ashoknagar?

  • A personal loan is a multifunctional offer that can be used for all financial life issues.
  • Personal Loan Ashoknagar relies on a person’s capacity to receive and repay.
  • Any requirement to bring up cash or services to the investor as leverage.
  • Needing no guarantor.

How to apply for Personal Loan Ashoknagar?

To apply for the best personal loan deals:

  • Visit Dialabank and click on the personal loan option on the menu of the homepage.
  • You will be directed to a page where, along with your phone number, you will have to fill in all your personal and professional details.
  • Wait a while after you click on ‘Apply now’ In a limited time, you can obtain mail threads from various banks and NBFCs who are able to lend ou a personal loan
  • Our advisors will call you to help you pick the right option for you.
  • In case of any queries, call us at 9878981166.

personal loan at 10.75%*

Processing Fee / Prepayment Charges on Personal Loan Ashoknagar

The interest rates in Personal Loan depend on the profile and salary of an individual in the business.

The base rate starts at 10.75 percent. The added costs apply to any circumstances are applicable. Interest rate according to credit level. Interest rates and bank charges can be influenced by the following factors:

  1. Credit / CIBIL Rating: A high CIBIL rating can be an asset in reducing interest rates and other costs.
  2. Average Ranking for Loans: 640-750.
  3. Company Profile: Well-recognized businesses and government department employees will profit from the volatility in several of the charges.
  4. Bank Customer Relationships: Having a customer before the bank’s relationship would be an asset in reducing prices and charges.
To know about the interest rate click on personal loan interest rate

Personal Loan Ashoknagar EMI Calculator

CIBIL Score required for Personal Loan Ashoknagar

In Ashoknagar, each lending institution has its requirements for the minimum CIBIL score needed to process a Personal Loan application. Most institutions must have a minimum score of 700 to process your loan application.

personal loan at 10.75%*

Personal Loan Ashoknagar Contact Number

Call 9878981166 and get instant help and approval for Personal Loan in Ashoknagar.

Pre Calculated EMI Table for Personal Loan Ashoknagar

Click here for personal loan EMI calculator

5 Yrs
4 Yrs
3 Yrs

About Ashoknagar

Ashoknagar lies in the northern part of Madhya Pradesh, between the Sindh and Betwa rivers. It falls under the northern portion of the plateau of Malwa, while much of its district is in the plateau of Bundelkhand.

The town sits in the district of Bundelkhand and practices conventional Indian culture. Ashoknagar is famous for the Jain temple called Trikaal Choubeese, where the idols of past, present, and future Thirthankars, as mentioned in the Jain religion, were housed. Even notable is the district for a tiny town named ‘Chanderi,’ about 60 km from Ashoknagar.