Hyundai i20 Elite Car Loan

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Hyundai i20 Elite Car Loan

Car Loan for Hyundai i20: Features & Benefits

Interest Rate Hyundai i20 8.50% – 10.5 % Per Annum
Loan Amount Upto 100% of the total amount
Tenure 12 – 84 Months
Lowest EMI per Lakh Rs 1,666
Processing Fee Rs 2,500 – Rs 10,000
Prepayment Charges Varies with Banks

Hyundai i20 Car Loan Eligibility Criteria:

Particulars Details
Minimum Age of the Applicant 18 years
Maximum Age of the Applicant 60 years for salaried applicants and 65 years for self-employed applicants
Minimum Annual Income Rs. 100000 net annual income. for salaried individuals,

and Net profit Rs. 60000 p.m. for Self – Employed individuals

Car Model Any approved car model
Type of Employment Salaried or self-employed
Country or Place of Residence India (rural/semi-urban/urban areas)
Duration of Stay in Current Residence A minimum of 1 year

 Hyundai i20 Car Loan EMI Calculator:

The Equated Monthly Installment (abbreviated as EMI) is the amount that will be paid to the bank/NBFC before the loan is fully repaid. It includes the amount paid by the bank to pay Hyundai i20* fees and the interest on that amount.
DialaBank provides an ideal car loan EMI calculator for Hyundai i20. The EMI calculator will help you make a wise and wise decision about EMI loan amount, interest rate, lifespan and attendant costs.

The formula for calculating EMI is as follows:
E is EMI
P is the Principal Amount to be repaid
R is the monthly interest rate calculated. (i.e., r = interest rate/12/100 annually. If the interest rate is 10.5% a year, then r = 10.5/12/100=0.00875)
n shall be the period of loan/tenure / duration in months

*The individual loan amount depends on the above criteria

Hyundai i20 Car Loan Interest Rate, Fees, and Charges:

Interest Rate 8.25% – 14.26% (Avg – 9.40%)
Processing Fee Lower of Rs. 10,000 or 0.4% of car loan sanctioned
Foreclosure Charges 3% to 6% depending on loan tenure (no foreclosure for loans disbursed <6 months ago)
Documentation Fees Rs. 600 each time
Penalty for Late Payment 2% each month
Financing Quantum up to 100% depending on customer profile

There is a number of charges associated with car loans in addition to the above charges. Fees such as taxes, road fees, loan cancellation, credit transfers, etc. These various charges are the same for all lenders.
Small differences could, however, be subject to regional costs.

Hyundai i20 Documents Required for A Car Loan

Documents required for a car loan are as followed:

  • Identification proof
  • Proof of age
  • Address proof
  • Application form
  • Passport size photograph
  • Income proof
  • Bank statement
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Signature verification proof

 Hyundai i20 Car Loan Documents Required for Salaried Professionals:

Document Requirement
Identity Proof Aadhaar card
PAN card
Driving License
Voter ID
Address Proof Aadhaar card
Driving License
Voter ID
Family card (ration card)
Utility bill (Electricity, water, or telephone)
Life insurance policy
The applicant’s name must be present on the ration card or utility bill.
Age Proof Birth certificate
School transfer certificate
Std. 10 mark sheet
Aadhaar card
Income Proof Salary slips
Form 16
Income tax return document
Bank Statement 3 to 6 months bank statement
Signature Verification Proof Banks have separate forms for applicants to fill up along with their signature
Proforma Invoice This document contains the price quoted by a dealer for the car chosen by the applicant. The loan amount will be based on the price of the car.

Hyundai i20 Car Loan Documents for Self-Employed Individuals:

Document Requirement
Identity Proof Aadhar card
PAN card
Voter ID
Driving license
Address Proof Aadhar card
Voter ID
Driving license
Ration card
Utility bill (telephone, electricity, or water)
Life insurance policy
Age Proof Birth certificate
School transfer certificate
Aadhaar card
Bank Statement 3-6 months bank statement
Business Ownership Proof To prove that the business is under operation, the following can be provided:
Office address proof
Maintenance bill
Utility bill
Additionally, the applicant must also provide a copy of the business registration license.
Proof of Income Income tax returns for up to 2 years
Audited balance sheet
Profit-loss statement
Signature Verification Proof Most banks have separate forms to prove the signature of the individual.
Proforma Invoice A proforma invoice containing the price of the vehicle must also be filed along with the other documents to indicate the desired loan amount. Most banks offer up to 95% of the price of the car as a loan.

Hyundai i20:

Hyundai i20 Car Loan

Ex-showroom price: Rs. 6.85 – Rs. 11.34 Lakh

Hyundai i20 Price:

The cost of the Hyundai i20 starts at Rs 6.85 Lakh and goes up to Rs 11.34 Lakh. The beautiful hatchback has 24 variant to offer. The base model is the i20 Magna and at the top of the pile is the Hyundai i20 Asta Opt Tubro DCT DT which comes with a price tag of Rs 11.34 Lakh.

Prices of Hyundai i20 Ex-showroom Delhi:

Variant Ex-Showroom Price

1197 cc, Manual, Petrol, 20.35 kmpl

Rs.6.85 Lakh*

1197 cc, Manual, Petrol, 20.35 kmpl

Rs.7.69 Lakh*
Sportz DT

1197 cc, Manual, Petrol, 20.35 kmpl

Rs.7.84 Lakh*
Magna Diesel

1493 cc, Manual, Diesel, 25.2 kmpl

Rs.8.19 Lakh*
Sportz IVT

1197 cc, Automatic, Petrol, 19.65 kmpl

Rs.8.69 Lakh*

1197 cc, Manual, Petrol, 20.35 kmpl

Top Selling

Rs.8.80 Lakh*
Sportz Turbo

iMT998 cc, Manual, Petrol, 20.25 kmpl

Rs.8.81 Lakh*
Sportz IVT DT

1197 cc, Automatic, Petrol, 19.65 kmpl

Rs.8.84 Lakh*
Asta DT

1197 cc, Manual, Petrol, 20.35 kmpl

Rs.8.95 Lakh*
Sportz Turbo iMT DT

998 cc, Manual, Petrol, 20.25 kmpl

Rs.8.96 Lakh*
Sportz Diesel

1493 cc, Manual, Diesel, 25.2 kmpl

Rs.8.99 Lakh*
Sportz Diesel DT

1493 cc, Manual, Diesel, 25.2 kmpl

Rs.9.14 Lakh*
Asta Op

t1197 cc, Manual, Petrol, 20.35 kmpl

Rs.9.33 Lakh*
Asta Opt DT

1197 cc, Manual, Petrol, 20.35 kmpl

Rs.9.48 Lakh*
Asta IVT

1197 cc, Automatic, Petrol, 19.65 kmpl

Rs.9.80 Lakh*
Asta Turbo iMT

998 cc, Manual, Petrol, 20.25 kmpl

Rs.9.91 Lakh*

1197 cc, Automatic, Petrol, 19.65 kmpl

Rs.9.95 Lakh*
Asta Turbo iMT DT

998 cc, Manual, Petrol, 20.25 kmpl

Rs.10.06 Lakh*
Asta Opt Diesel

1493 cc, Manual, Diesel, 25.2 kmpl

Rs.10.59 Lakh*
Asta Turbo DCT

998 cc, Automatic, Petrol

Rs.10.68 Lakh*
Asta Opt Diesel DT

1493 cc, Manual, Diesel, 25.2 kmpl

Rs.10.74 Lakh*
Asta Turbo DCT DT

998 cc, Automatic, Petrol, 20.28 kmpl

Rs.10.83 Lakh*
Asta Opt Turbo DCT

998 cc, Automatic, Petrol

Rs.11.19 Lakh*
Asta Opt Turbo DCT DT

998 cc, Automatic, Petrol, 20.28 kmpl

Rs.11.34 Lakh*

*- Ex-showroom Price, Delhi

Down payment Required For Hyundai i20 Car Loan:

The down payment is the difference between the Hyundai i20 on-road price and the amount of the loan. In determining this same interest rate, the principal and length of the loan are important. It is also possible to negotiate with the loan at a lower interest rate. The lender finances usually 90% of the on-road price of Hyundai i20. Some consumers may also receive 100% funding.
To find out more about the down payment required, contact your nearest bank and distributor, as this is different with the region and the bank you prefer.

About Hyundai i20:

Hyundai i20 is a 5-person hatchback. It is between Rs 6.85 lakh – Rs 11.34 lakh in the price range. The engine is new and BS6 compliant, and two drive modes – manual and automatic – are available. Hyundai i20 comes in 24 variants; we’re delighted to make choices. The boat is large and has a cargo capacity of 311 litres.
For the Hyundai i20, there are nine colour options.

Hyundai i20 Mileage:

Fuel Type Transmission ARAI Claimed User Reported
Diesel Manual 25.2 Kmpl 20 Kmpl
Petrol Automatic 20.28 Kmpl 18 Kmpl
Petrol Manual 20.35 Kmpl 12 Kmpl

How to get Hyundai i20 Car Loan

  1. Visit the official page of Dialabank
  2. Go to the Car Loan option and provide the required information.
  3. Our relationship manager will get in touch with you over your application.
  4. Please Contact Dialabank at 9878981166 for further queries.

Hyundai i20 News:

  • Discounts on Hyundai i20 in May 2021

An exchange bonus of Rs. 10,000, a discount for a corporate of Rs. 5000, and a 5 year Shield of Trust package can be availed on the iMT Turbo and diesel variants of Hyundai i20.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

✅ What are the Minimum and Maximum Loan Amount for Hyundai i20 Car Loan?

The minimum loan amount is Rs 1,00,000 and the maximum loan amount is Loan up to 90% of On Road Price.

✅ What is the Hyundai i20 Car Loan Tenure?

1 year – 7 years is the loan tenure for Hyundai i20Car Loan.

✅ Does Hyundai i20 have an automatic transmission variant?

Yes, the Hyundai i20has models with an automatic gearbox.

✅ How many people does the Hyundai i20 seat?

The Seating capacity of the Hyundai i20 is 5.

✅ What is the boot space of the Hyundai i20?

Hyundai i20has a boot space of 311 litres.

✅ What is the length of the Hyundai i20?

The length of the Hyundai i20 is 3995 mm.