HDFC, also Known As Housing Development Finance Corporation is the financial company that was incorporated in August 1994. HDFC focuses mainly on three main key areas namely Treasury, retail banking services and wholesale banking services.

What is HDFC Gold Loan?

If you’re in need of instant monetary needs then HDFC Gold Loan is a brilliant option for you. As we know gold loans are the fastest path to get funds for individual or business prerequisites. The funds from these specific loans can be utilized for weddings, training, a business expansion or other similar requirements. With negligible documentation and secure storage,  gold loans are a basic financing choice to address your issues. Apply for HDFC Gold Loan and get instant approval.

HDFC Gold Loan’s features

1. Being a borrower you can avail loan amount of Rs. 50,000 onwards. The rural market customers can avail for less than Rs. 50,000.

2. Instant funds are available. Against your gold, you can enjoy the instant funds and at your own convenience, you can return them.  

3. HDFC Gold Loan comes to you with reasonable interest rates. On term Loan, Overdraft and EMI based load the interest rate holds the competitive definition. You can return it with easy and reasonable EMIs.

4. Collateral will be in safe hand. The bank understands the value of your gold and your trust. While availing gold loan no need to worry about your gold ornaments.

5. No botheration of heavy documentations and you will get instant approval within 45 minutes.

6. There’s a big wall of transparency between you and the money lender. The bank manifests its cost and fees in front of you so your mind holds no question regarding any hidden charges.

HDFC Gold loan

Why HDFC Gold Loan?

1. Loan Amount: A maximum amount of Rs.10,00,000 can be availed.

2. EMI options: Hassle free payment of EMIs.

3. Instant liquidity: Enjoy liquidity of cash at any time. Generate instant cash in time of need.

4. Security: The customer can rest assured that their gold is in safe hands.

5. Interest Rates: Individual can get the advantage of Lower Interest Rates for this Loan.

6. A person can also apply for Gold Finance on Agricultural Land on their name and get a discount of 1% on the interest rate charged.

Gold Loan in 5 Lowest Rate of Interest

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Loan Tenure / Period
  Rate of Interest (p.a.) Valuation Fee
 12 months 10 % to 12 % NIL



We can use the below documents for applying for a Gold Loan

1. A valid passport- As we know a passport is one of the important documents. It holds your personal details like name, address, age and your photograph as well. The passport comes in HDFC Gold Loan’s requirement list. Your passport shouldn’t be expired.


2. A valid Driving License- When it comes to driving license then again this card is one of your essential documents which depict your identity with your personal details. A driving license should be valid


3. Aadhar card- From UIDAI we get this document. From its name Aadhar which means foundation or base, we can understand the value of this document. Aadhar card contains your personal details such as name, age, date of birth and address etc.


4. Voter’s ID card- The Election Commission of India provides us voter/election card that holds our personal and basic details. One of the valid identity proofs.  

PAN card- When it comes to KYC (Know Your Customer) then PAN (Permanent Account Number) plays an essential role. While availing HDFC gold loan, you can show this document as well.

HDFC Gold Loan Procedure

1. First of all, Apply online for loan against gold.

2. Afterwards, borrower will have to submit an application form along with his / her valuable Gold asset.

3. Then the bank will evaluate the real value of your Gold in terms of its purity and weight.

4. Finally the Loan is sanctioned to the applicant after checking the genuineness of the asset provided.

5. The whole Gold Loan process takes around.

* For any assistance regarding Gold Loan, call us on 60011600, our trained Relationship Managers will solve all your queries.

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