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Axis Bank Gold Loan

Axis Bank is one of the largest private sector Banks in India. They provide the entire spectrum of financial products to the customers. The Bank has nearly 1999 branches. Axis Bank began its operations in 1994. It is now one of the first new generation private sector banks in India. It provides Instant Loan against Gold. Gold Loan is basically taken to overcome short-term requirements of a person.

What is a Gold Loan?

Gold is one of the most precious and costly metals in India. Its value in our lives cannot be ignored because every person is attached to it emotionally. However, what is the point of keeping your gold in a closed drawer when it can help you in times of emergency? Taking a Loan Against Gold can help you to overcome any drastic situation. Gold Loan is the best way to get cash in a short span.

Advantages of Gold Loan

  1. First of all, you can use a gold loan to fulfill any of your personal requirements, whether it is related to your business or home, education or agricultural activities.
  2. After that, a gold loan is approved very quickly if you are eligible.
  3. Furthermore, if you have all the documents your loan is disbursed on the same day.
  4. There is no need to worry about your credit score, its ok if your credit score is not that good. You will still get a gold loan because in the gold loan the bank or any lender does not check your CIBIL score.
  5. One more thing in the gold loan is that the rate of interest in the gold loan is quite low as compared to other loans.
  6. Gold loan is very easy to access. You can get a gold loan anywhere in India.
  7. Gold loan is very easy to apply too. One can easily apply for a gold loan online within 5 minutes. Besides that before applying for a gold loan you can get all the information about the rate of interest and EMI’s online.
  8. There is one more point that if you have gold that you should make the use of your gold to overcome your financial problems.
  9. In a gold loan, your gold ornaments will be kept in a tight security. On the other hand, if you want to put your gold in the locker you have to pay the charges for the bank. In the gold loan, the bank would not charge you anything.
  10. Though the bank takes care of the security of your gold but still in case of any miss-happening bank will be responsible.

Why Axis Bank Gold Loan?

  1. Loan Amount: A maximum amount of Rs.10, 00,000 can be availed.
  2. EMI options: Hassle-free payment of EMIs.
  3. Instant liquidity: Enjoy liquidity of cash at any time. Generate instant cash in time of need.
  4. Security: The customer can rest assured that their gold is in safe hands.
  5. Interest Rates: Individual can get the advantage of lower interest rates for this Loan.
  6. A person can also apply for Gold Finance on Agricultural Land on their name and get a discount of 1% on the interest rate charged.

Loan Tenure / Period

The rateof Interest (p.a.)

Valuation Fee

12 months

14.50% - 15.50%




  1. First of all the applicant should not be a minor. The age of the customer should be more than 18 years.
  2. After that he/she should be a citizen of India.
  3. Besides that he/she should have a minimum 10 grams of gold.

Documents Required for Gold Loan

  1. Proof of Identity- Passport Copy/ Voters ID card/ Driving License.
  2. Address Proof- Ration card/ Tel, Electricity Bill/ Rental bill/ Passport copy/Trade license /Shop & Est. License/Sales Tax certificate.
  3. Signature Proof- Passport Copy/Driving License/Banker's verification/cheque.
  4. 2 passport size photographs. But the applicant should not be wearing glasses and the photographs should be colored.

Axis Gold Loan Procedure

  1. First of all, Apply online for a loan against gold. 
  2. Afterward, the borrower will have to submit an application form along with his / her valuable.
  3. Then the bank will evaluate the real value of your Gold in terms of its purity and weight.
  4. Finally, the Loan is sanctioned to the applicant after checking the genuineness of the asset provided.
  5. The whole Gold Loan process takes around.

Features of Axis Bank Gold Loan

1.       Rate of interest

Rates of interest offered by Axis bank are very affordable. These are quite low as compared to the other banks.

2.       Reliability

Since the bank is serving the people with its financial products for so long so you can easily trust the bank’s policies. There is no risk.

3.       Easy Approval

Your gold loan will be approved very easily. there is no wastage of time, if you have gold your loan can be approved within a few minutes.

4.       Quick Disbursal

After the approval of your gold loan if you have all the documents then your loan can be disbursed on the same day.

5.       Online Application

You can apply online for the Axis bank gold loan. there is no need to go to the bank.

6.       Security

The bank takes care of the security of your gold. Your gold will be kept under a fireproof security in the lockers.

How to Apply?

There is no need to go to the bank to apply for a gold loan. there is no need to go to the bank you can apply for a personal loan online in a few minutes. Here some steps are given to apply for a gold loan.

  1. First of all search for dialabank on google.
  2. After that fill the Axis bank gold loan application form there.
  3. Fill out your name, contact number and basic information on the form.
  4. After that click on “Apply” button there.
  5. You will get a call back within 5 minutes.
  6. You can easily apply on the website of online.

Why Dialabank?

  1. First of all the Dialabank is India’s first financial helpline, so you can trust easily. there is no risk of fraud at all.
  2. Besides that, your loan will be approved within 5 minutes here.
  3. After that, if you are eligible and you have all the documents your loan will be disbursed on the same day.
  4. If you apply on the you will get low rates of interest on the gold loan.
  5. Furthermore, you can compare the rate of interest to the other banks too.
  6. Dialabank provides a very quick response to the customer’s queries.
  7.  One more important thing to note is that there is no need to go here and there to submit the documents because if you apply on you documents will be picked up from your doorstep.
  8. For more information, you may call on 60011600.

 Axis Bank EMI Calculator

Axis Bank has provided a gold loan calculator online. With the help of this calculator, you can easily calculate your EMI’s and rate of interest online and decide your loan amount and tenure easily. It will help to save your time and money as well.

Differences  and similarities between a Personal Loan and the Gold Loan



Gold Loan


Personal Loan


It is a secured loan.


It is an unsecured loan.


The rates of interest are quite low.


The rates of interest are quite high.


The applicant gets a big loan amount.


The amount of loan is not that big.


The lender has very less risk.


The lender has high risk.


CIBIL score can be 550 but not below than this.


A person having a CIBIL score less than 700 can’t apply for a personal loan.


The amount of loan can be used to fulfill the personal needs.

The same case is with the personal loan the bank won’t ask you for any reason.

Role of CIBIL

CIBIL score plays an important role in every loan but in the case of a gold loan, it should not be less than 550. Generally, a CIBIL score tells about the banking behavior of the applicant. So if it is below 550 it means the customer is defaulter so he/she won’t be able to apply.


* For any assistance regarding Gold Loan, Call us on 60011600, our trained Relationship Managers. will solve all your queries.



 Loan Tenure / Period Rate of Interest (p.a.)   Valuation Fee
 12 months 14.50% - 15.50% NIL




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