Gold Loan Dahisar


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    Gold Loan Dahisar

    Why Gold Loan Dahisar?

    Major Gold Loan Providers in Dahisar

    Feature HDFC Bank SBI
    Muthoot Finance
    Interest Rate 9.90% onwards 7% onwards 12% onwards
    Min Loan Amt Metro : 25000, Non : 15000 25000 15000
    Max Loan Amt 1 Cr 1 Cr 1 Cr
    Loan Tenure 3 months to 24 months 9 months to 24 months
    1 month to 24 months
    Processing Fee 0.25% to 1.50% of the Loan Amt 0.25% to 1.50% Nil
    Pre-closure Charges 2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 3 months 2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 9 months Nil
    Overdraft Facility Yes Yes Yes
    Pay Only Interest Facility Yes Yes Yes
    Gold Rate Per Gram 3066 3073 3073

    Gold Loan Dahisar FeaturesGold Loan Dahisar

    Is it accurate to say that you are searching for a swift payment of loan credit yet can’t think about any guarantee? Is it  that you are considering which could be the best loan credit choice for you? Is it true that you are in need of a prompt capital income to tackle your issues?

    At that point these issues can be explained rapidly with the assistance of the gold Loan. Gold Loan is a simple and clear approach to get quick fund. A gold advance is a credit secured with gold bits of gems or decorations. Gold advance is a credit which is given against specific physical security of gold. Gold is commonly fended off in bank storage spaces or securely at home, yet you can get avail instant money with the assistance of gold loan which can help in assembling individual resources due to detrimental financing costs of gold advances when contrasted with other ‘unstable’ advances, it is turning out to be an ever increasing number of favored loan amongst individuals.

    Gold Loan Dahisar Benefits:

    1. You can profit Loan up to Rs.1 Crore or more and up to 70% of significant worth for any reason
    2. You get 100% Safety and Security of your Gold Jewelry
    3. Get your Loan prepared in under 30 minutes
    4. There’s nothing much needed to authorize an advance.
    5. The cash is offered to the client after a swift and smooth assessment of gold.
    6. It is liberated from the problem of extensive desk work.
    7. Simple reimbursement plans.
    8. Insignificant Documentation.
    9. Low-loan fees.
    10. Appreciate Anytime Liquidity

    Gold Loan Dahisar Interest Rates

    On account of Gold Loan, the credit is given at a low financing cost. This is because of the way that credit on gold comes in the segment of guaranteed advances. Also, the financing cost of gold is not as much as that of different sorts of advances. In spite of the fact that the Gold Loan rate continues to digress with the progression of time just as individual to individual. Gold Loan in Dahisar is accessible at 1% every month financing cost.

    • Gold Loan Interest rate – 10.70 %
    • Accessible at low handling expense – 0.85%
    • Pre-closer charges going from 0 – 2 %.
    • Tenure benefits are feasible and advantageous upto a year

    Bank Interest Rate
    HDFC Bank Gold Loan 9.9% to 14%
    Axis Bank Gold Loan 10.50% to 16%
    ICICI Bank Gold Loan 10.75% to 16%
    SBI Gold Loan 9.5 % to 13%
    Kotak Gold Loan 11% to 14%
    IIFL Gold Loan 9.24% to 24%
    Muthoot Gold Loan 12% to 24%
    Manappauram Gold Loan 12% to 26%
    PNB Gold Loan 10.05% to 16%
    Canara Bank Gold Loan 9.75 % to 13%
    Andhra Bank Gold Loan 10.70% to 16%

    Documents for Gold Loan Dahisar

    1. ID Requirement : Passport Copy/Driving License/Voters ID card/Aadhaar card.
    2. Evidence of Residence: Ration card/Tel, Electricity Bill/Rental bill/Passport duplicate/Trade permit/Shop and Est. Permit/Sales Tax testament.
    3. Two identification/visa estimated photos.
    4. Signature mark ID : Passport Copy/Driving License/Banker’s confirmation/check.

    Extra Documents Required for Gold Loan Dahisar:

    1. Land Proof : if there should be an occurrence of Agriculture Loan of more than Rs. 1 lac. The evidence isn’t required for associated horticulture purposes.
    2. A Request Promissory Note.
    3. Testament by the Jewelry Appraiser (to be orchestrated by the bank).
    4. Commission Proof : Salary Certificate and Form No.16

    Eligibility Criteria for Gold Loan Dahisar

    1. An individual must have at least 10 grams of gold.
    2. The individual who wishes to get a Gold Loan must be a resident of India and must not be under the age of 18.
    3. No CIBIL score is checked so anybody can avail.
    4. No biscuits, bars or coins are acknowledged, gold should be in the form of ornaments.
    5. Gold from just 18 to 22 karats is considerable.

    Online Application Process for Gold Loan Dahisar

    Presently you can apply online for a Gold Loan Advance in the solaces of your home by tapping on your contraption at Dialabank . Our Client Relationship Supervisor will give all of you the organizations and will likewise help you in picking the best possible bank just as the significant loan credit type.

    All you ought to do is visit our site and fill an application form that is identified with your subtleties so our office may check your capability just as your money related status that will help you in benefiting the credit.

    Our Customer Relationship Managers will help you in moving toward a legitimate bank and will get in touch with you for advance requests. The bank authorities will gather every one of your files and records themselves from your doorsteps.

    You should visit the bank consistently at the hour of convenience of gold; the bank executives will look out for the rest.

    Offline Process to Apply for Gold Loan Dahisar

    The candidate moreover has an alternative to profit Gold Loan from the close by branches. To do as such, look for Gold Loan close to you on the web. It’ll enroll all the parts of banks giving advances close to you. You can choose them concurring to your inclination and information. You can likewise decide on a simpler technique, that is Dialabank.

    You can profit advances from HDFC Gold Loan Branches. Just as to discover a department that’s adjacent, look Muthoot Gold Loan close to me. Web will enlist all the Muthoot Gold Loan Branches in your general vicinity.

    Processing Fees / Prepayment Charges on Gold Loan Dahisar

    Processing Fee
    Prepayment Charges
    HDFC Bank Gold Loan
    0.25% to 1.50%
    2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 3 months
    Axis Bank Gold Loan
    0.50% to 1.50%
    ICICI Bank Gold Loan
    0.25% to 1.50%
    2%, Nil foreclosure charges after 9 months
    SBI Gold Loan
    500/- to 0.50%
    Kotak Gold Loan
    1% to 2%
    2.25% of fore closure amount if closed 1 month ahead of the tenure.
    IIFL Gold Loan
    Muthoot Gold Loan
    Manappauram Gold Loan
    PNB Gold Loan
    0.70% to 1%
    Canara Bank Gold Loan
    Andhra Bank Gold Loan

    CIBIL Score Required for Gold Loan Dahisar

    The Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL) is the most well known of the four credit data organizations authorized by Reserve Bank of India. There are three different organizations additionally authorized by the RBI to work as credit data organizations. They are Experian, Equifax and Highmark. Be that as it may, the most famous credit assessment in India is the CIBIL score. How about we discover what is CIBIL score.

    CIBIL Limited keeps up credit documents on 600 million people and 32 million organizations. CIBIL India is a piece of TransUnion, an American worldwide gathering. Henceforth financial assessments are referred to in India as the CIBIL  score.

    CIBIL Score is a 3-digit numeric outline of your record of loan repayment, rating and report, and ranges from 300 to 900. The closer your score is to 900, the better your credit score is.

    Gold Loan Dahisar Agents

    India’s first money related and financial subsidizing help and specialist organization is Dialabank. You can apply online at Dialabank or give a call at 9878981166

    Dialabank makes a distinction by discovering the finest elective between different banks and NBFCs by furnishing you with an exhaustive and normalized advertise investigation of various banks so you should not to think about the complicated subtle components, and so you’ll make the correct choice.

    Visit our site at Dialabank and round out an online form, asking for your subtleties and after that our Customer Service Providers will get in touch with you.

    Gold Loan Dahisar Contact Number

    Call 9878981166 and avail your benefits with Gold Loan Dahisar.

    Pre Calculated EMI Table for Gold Loan Dahisar

    5 Yrs
    4 Yrs
    3 Yrs

    About Dahisar

    Dahisar is the northernmost neighborhood of Mumbai. Dahisar is the first locality of Mumbai from the north.