Gold Loan Punganur


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Gold Loan Punganur

Gold is a precious metal that has a very high value in terms of money. It was once used as a currency in our country. And now it determines economic health. It is also used in industries such as medicines, refining, etc.

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What is Gold Loan?

Gold Loan means a loan against gold. The person pledges gold with the bank or financial institutions and then gets the money according to the market value of gold. After getting the money, the applicant uses it the way he likes and has to pay back the amount in the form of installments. After paying back the whole amount, the customer gets the gold back in the same condition as was provided to the lender at the time of sanctioning loan.

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Gold Loan Punganur Interest Rates

10.70% is the minimum annual rate of interest you can expect on gold loans. If you calculate the monthly interest rate will come less than 1%. Thus, making it the lowest interest rate loaning scheme. Also, it comes with foreclosure facility meaning you can close your Loan before time and skip the pending installments and their respective interest rate amount. The foreclosure charges range from 0-3% of the total loan amount.The loan can be sanctioned for minimum of 6 months and ranging to 5 years.

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Eligibility criteria for Gold Loan Punganur     

  1. The age of the applicant should be more than 18 years.
  2. In addition to the maximum period of the applicant can be 65 years.
  3. Furthermore, the applicant must be a citizen of India.
  4. Besides, that applicant should have gold more than 10 grams.
  5. The purity of gold should be between 18 to 24

Documentation required for Taking Gold Loan Punganur     

  1. Residence proof: The documents required for the residence proof includes:(passport/ID card/ Voter card/ aadhar card/ration/card/driving license) and if the applicants are living in rental apartments then has to submit his agreement, electricity bill on his name and address of the owner.
  2. Identity proof: Verification documents especially require one among the following:( passport/ID card/ Voter card/ aadhar card/ration/card/driving license) any one of them..
  3. Two colored passport size photos: (Applicants should not wear any glasses)
  4. Signature Proof: An applicant can use the following documents i.e. Passport Copy/Driving License/Banker’s verification/cheque.

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Why should one choose Gold Loan gold loan Punganur

  1.  You can apply for the gold loan from 6 months to 5 years.
  2. Gold Loan Punganur is the best Loan option for all of the unfortunate credit individuals.
  3. Gold Loan Punganur is Available at low-interest rates.
  4.  You need to pay the interest rate, and no EMI’s are involved.
  5. It can be used according to one’s needs.
  6. Gold Loan Punganur is easily available.
  7. Gold Loan Punganur is safe.

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Gold Loan Punganur Advantages 

  1. You can get Loan up to Rs.1 Crore along with 90% of in market value of your gold ornament from the NBFC
  2. You get 100% Safety & Security of your collateral gold material
  3.  It requires Simple documentation, and it is  fast processing gold loan
  4.  The rate of interest on Gold Loan Punganur is payable only if the amount of overdraft that you use.
  5. Overdraft limit varies depending on the current situation of the scale of gold in the market.
  6. You can close your Loan before time and save a few bucks.
  7.  The foreclosure penalty ranges from 0-3% of the total loan amount.
  8.  Both salaried and self-employed applicants are eligible to take this loan and use it according to their financial needs.
  9. Gold Loan Punganur has flexible tenure options ranging from 6 months to 5 years.

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About DialaBank

  1. It is worthy that applying for the gold loan with DialaBank provides you with so many benefits and perks
  2. Gold Loan Punganur gets processed in no time.
  3. You will get the loan amount disbursed within 15 minutes.
  4. The whole process of gold loan is comfortable and hassle-free
  5. All the assistance will be provided to you without any extra charges.
  6. There is no need to pay any fees for any suggestion and guidance

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Does CIBIL score matter in Gold Loan Punganur?

No, CIBIL Score does not matter in a Gold Loan. This being a secured service, the banks hardly check your CIBIL score while providing you the Loan. On the other hand, Gold Loan helps to increase the CIBIL score of a person

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About Punganur

Punganur is a town in Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh. Punganur has no Bus Depot but there are a lot of people travel to Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, etc. are dependent on Buses from Madanapalle, Palamaneru Depot buses. Because of political issues, there are no Railway services and Roads in the city were very narrow and congested. If you have any query and you are in an urgent need of the gold loan feel free to contact on this no. 9592046860.

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Gold Loan Interest Rates in Punganur