Gold is one of the most important perhaps a precious metal is of great value in a country like India. Gold Loan is a secured loan type which is usually requested by a person who is in an urgent need for funds. It involves your gold assets to be kept as a piece of collateral with the bank till the time you pay the loan amount that you have availed from the bank. It is the most popular financial good that is currently ruling the loan market and benefiting the borrowers as well.

Gold Loan Girgaon Interest Rates

Interest rates are an important factor when we talk about availing any loans.The Gold Loan Interest Rates vary from bank to bank. 
1. The current interest rate which is running in the banking sector is 10.70%.
2. The processing fee involved is 0.85%.
3. Further, we have the preclusive charges ranging from 0-2%.
4. The maximum amount that can be availed ranges from thousand to a crore.

Gold Loan Girgaon Eligibility

The gold loan application process is an easy process. The documentation involved is quite simple and convenient for the customers. However, the borrower must fulfill the following eligibility criteria in order to get his loan application approved
1. Firstly, the age of the applicant must be above 18 years and below 70 years.
2. Secondly, he should be authorized citizenship of India. 
3. There are no criteria meant for salaried and self-employed customers; thus no salary proofs, business documents or tax details are demanded by the bank, the only thing that matters for acquiring a Gold Loan is the quantity and quality of the gold possessed by the customer.
4. The purity of gold should range from 18k to 22k, and the weight of the gold should not be less than 10 grams. 

The Documentation Involved

There is very less documentation involved in the processing of Gold Loan. You just need to put your basic identification purposes.
You need to present any of the following identification proofs such as:
Aadhar card, driving license, Voter Id, PAN card, etc. Any of the following could be presented in order to satisfy the documentation process.

Why Gold Loan Girgaon ? 

•One can easily avail the service with just calling on the Diala bank financial helpline number (95592046860) which is a toll-free no and avail the loan service to your rescue.
• The interest rates are quite adequate as per your convenience.
• You also have interesting repayment options.
• The service is a portable service which can be availed as and when required.
• Minimal documentation and quick disbursement make it even more popular and preferable.
• Most importantly it is a secured loan type, and the security of your gold valuables is given due importance. The above-listed advantages would let you believe in the digital reach of the financial     products in the current scenario and incline you towards such methods. So moving with the changing trends go for gold loan Santacruz West and say goodbye to your financial problems.

Know more about Girgaon

Girgaon is a place which is located in Mumbai. It is a symbol of cultural diversity and home for electric architecture, including Raj-era landmarks like the lavish Royal Opera House and Portuguese-style wooden buildings. The local dining scene offers South Indian vegetarian fare and lively pan- Asian eateries.  In context to the Gold Loan facilities being a resident of this locality, you are just a call away from availing gold loan and fulfilling your needs. Visit our web site and get to the best Gold Loan deals along with the interest rates that suit you the best.