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All About J and K Grameen Bank Gold Loan

J and K Grameen Bank Gold Loan

J&K Grameen Bank was set up while RRBs viz. JRB and KRB under GOI Notification dated 30th June 2009 issued under subsection (1) of section 23A of the Reginal Rural Bank Act, 1976 (21 of 1976).The area of operation of the back is extended to 11 Districts, besides some parts of District Srinagar and Ganderwal of J&K State. The network of the bank consists of six Regional Offices and 217 branches. The primary objective of the Bank is to improve the economy of rural, semi-urban & urban centers. The bank provides a lot of financial services like Personal Loan, Gold Loan, Home Loan and many more. To easily avail a Gold Loan Click Here.

About Gold Loan

Loan on Gold is a loan in which a borrower can get a loan against gold. It is a secured loan. In the gold, loan bank will take borrower’s gold to give the loan to the borrower. Bank will receive a borrower’s gold as a security.  Bank will take the full responsibility of the borrower’s gold.

Loan On Gold Highlight

1. Firstly Lower interest rate.
2. Secondly Faster processing.
3. Thirdly, Your Gold is safe and secured in a bank locker.
4. You can use the gold loan money for any personal purpose.
5. Basic documentation only, No CIBIL score.
6. Furthermore, Flexible repayment options as well as lower monthly outflow.
7. Beside that No processing fees.
8. Low or no foreclosure charges.
9. Bad credit history, not an issue.
10. Instant Processing and Disbursal.
11. Besides, You can borrow in thousands to a crore.

J and K Grameen Bank Gold Loan Interest Rate

In general loan on gold, the credit is available at a low-interest rate. Moreover, the reason behind that the Gold Loan comes in the category of secured loans. So the Gold interest rates are less than that of a personal loan or any other kind of loans. Though the gold loan rate keeps on changing time to time as well as person to person.
1. The gold loan is available at 1% PM interest rate.
2. Gold Loan Interest rate – 10.70 %.
3. Moreover, offer low processing fee that is  0.85%.
4. Further, pre-closer charges range from  0 – 2 %.

J and K Grameen Bank Gold Loan Eligibility

1. First of all the applicant should be an Indian citizen.
2. Secondly, age limit minimum – 18 year and maximum – 70 years.
3. Thirdly An applicant should own his/her gold
4. After that, the purity of the gold ornament should lie in between 18 Karats to 22 Karats.
5. Furthermore, the applicant should have gold weigh more than 10 Grams at least.

Documentation Process  for J and K Grameen Bank Gold Loan

However, the process of documentation in a loan on gold is very easy and simple but, still, there are certain documents that a bank asks for a loan on gold:
1. Identity Proof – Firstly one proof of identity is required. Anyone of the given proofs is valid (Aadhar Card/Voters Card/Driving License/ Passport)
2. Residence Proof – After that, one proof of residence is also required to get a loan on gold. It can be like (Aadhar Card/PAN Card/Ration Card/ Electricity Bill of last three months with the name of the applicant/ Telephone Bill of previous three months with the name of applicant / Passport Copy)
3. Besides, the applicant should have two passports sized colored photographs.

Additional Documentation for Loan on Gold

The bank needs a Proof of ownership of Land if you are applying for an agriculture gold loan:
1. Land Proof – In the case of Agriculture Loan on gold of more than Rs. 1 lakh there is no requirement of proof for allied agriculture purposes.
2. Required a Demand Promissory Note – Certificate by the Jewel Appraiser (Bank will arrange).
3. Besides Income Proof of Salary Certificate as well as Form No.16

J and K Grameen Bank Gold Loan Features & Benefits

1. Firstly, You can get a gold loan online, no need to go anywhere.
2. Secondly, High Funding is avail to the customers
3. Thirdly, it also provides Gold Loan with the flexible repayment scheme with multiple options.
4. Additionally, There are no prepayment charges in Bandhan Bank
5. Bandhan Bank also provides instant approval and sanctioning of the Loan
6. Moreover, J&K Gramin Bank Gold Loan also offers quick disbursals
7. Bandhan bank also requires minimum documentation for the loan approval
8. Furthermore, it also provides safe and secure custody of the Gold
9. Additionally, it also provides a low rate of interest
10. J and K Grameen Bank Gold Loan also provides a maximum of Rs 10 lakh loan
11. Lastly, You can easily apply for the Gold Loan in Bandhan Bank.

How to apply for J and K Grameen Bank Gold Loan?

To start, the best option to apply for a gold loan is through Dialabank. When you apply through Dialabank, you will not have to worry about finding the best choice near you. Also, We provide all our services free of cost. Follow the steps to get a loan very easily:
1. Firstly, you can easily Apply Online through our website. To do so, Click Here.
2. Secondly, the loan seeker has to fill a form Online with current information.
3. Thirdly, you get a call from our Relationship Manager to clear all doubts and to assist you in the entire process of the loan.
4. Also, the best Gold Loan Interest Rate is suggested to you by our managers.
5. Also, you can check your eligibility for further clarification of the approval of a loan.
6. Furthermore, Deposit all the documents required as proofs in the banks.
7. Finally, the loan is approved in few minutes as well as disbursed within a day.
8. Besides the above process, If you want to talk to us directly, call us at 9592046860.

Why Dialabank for online Gold Loan?

1. First of all, www.dialabank.com offers a very easy process of application of the gold loan.
2. After that, the customer gets a good comparison of the interest rates of other banks as well.
3. Furthermore, the company provides the document pickup facility from your doorstep.
4. Finally, you will get the best as well as the lowest interest rate. Moreover, for more information call 9592046860 or 60011600 with your city code.


Q. How does Gold Loan Work?

 Loan on gold is very simple to understand. The Banks /NBFC provides you with funds against your gold ornament. The amount of gold loan depends upon the weight of your gold ornament.

Q. Gold Loan is Secured?

Yes, it is important to note that the loan on gold comes in the category of secured loans. Because in a gold loan the customers put their gold ornaments into the bank’s locker as security or as collateral.

Q. What happens when you don’t pay a Gold Loan?

 If the customer is unable to return the gold loan on time, then the bank is liable to sell his gold ornaments.

Q. To get a gold loan do I need a co-applicant?

 No, you don’t need any co-applicant if you want to avail the loan on gold.

Q. Is a gold loan better than a personal loan?

Gold loan is better than personal Loan because in Gold Loan banks/NBFC  takes Gold as collateral and in case of Personal loan it is un-secured and hence carries higher interest than a gold loan.

Q. What is the Best online platform to avail gold loan?

Dialabank is the best platform to get a loan. They provide you hassle-free process as well as the lowest interest rate in the market as compared to others.

Q. Is there any other fee payable for the Gold Loan?

Yes, you need to pay the loan processing fee (non-refundable) and Valuation fee.

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